Infedilty: It Takes A Brave And Courageous Man To Make The Kind Of Post I Made Yesterday – Dr Mubarak Musa Saliu.

Yesterday, kogi born philanthropist and former gubernatorial candidate of NNPP, Alh. Dr. Mubarak Musa Saliu tendered an open apology to the wife of his youth, for getting married secretly to another wife,which some Facebook in-laws have tagged her to a side hen without his wife knowing.

This move of his didn’t seat well with some faction, while like 25% of his followers sympathised with him, I’d say the remaining percentage were hypocritical.

Many saw the move as a way of testing his potency, makeing the secret wife feel less, considering his religious background, he should treat them equally. Seems like these set are forgetting that his first wife wasn’t aware of the arranged wedding, hence her anger and demand for public apology. While I feel it wasn’t necessary as she needs to brace up for the future.

Dr. Mubarak still made publication on his Facebook page and apologized the second time and it triggered lots of reactions again.

Below is his recent post and the reactions from those who aren’t satisfied with his move of open apologies. Again, Dr. Mubarak doesn’t owe the public an explanation.

I wish them peace in their home regardless.

It takes a brave and courageous man to make the type of post i made yesterday. I have seen many of your comments, commentary and repost.

Many of you have expressed once again your hate which is coming from a place of ignorance because you do not have an idea why the post came out in that manner.
Unlike many of you who hide to do your things yet coming here on social media to become holy People, i yielded to the need to be opened and plead for my wrong doings.

My wife demanded for a public apology for Something i did to her, I have done that so keep your opinion placed in hate and wickedness to yourself.

The few people around me who understand how hurt she is are joining me to say sorry to her. If you can not do same, why not hold your peace.

The mother of my second child is at peace with me. To those who think she was a test kit, May Allah (SWT) have mercy on you all. She was not and will never be, she also will not have been happy if same had happened to her.

Many of the men here having some opinion about my issue have theirs hiden and are scared of even saying it out to anyone…. Why wait till you die before creating problems for the living?

Stop being a MAN on Facebook and a vegetable at home, be bold and come out in the open and tell your wife what you are hiding.

Once again I Am Sorry Oma.

Nemile B: Ok, you cheated on your wife, you decided to apologize publicly, now you are honest man, you are owing up to your shits and blablabla. Oya swear on your life say you no go ever cheat again. Swear!Y’all all keep seeking validation.

Monday Yusuf: I believe Mubarak first wife ask him to apologize on social media before letting go the whole saga which is very unfortunate! a woman u paid her dowry made you go low to this extent.

But if you ask me what ever that happened has no business no justification with social media, they’re way man supposed to handle this stuff but since he’s Rich we all felt emotional for him & the wife defending blablablabla

But If it’s one Momoh or Micheal, people will be here telling the wife to stay off the marriage or abusing the husband. We judge people by their pockets. It’s well

Haliru Alih Abdul:This write up to me is unfair. So the Girl you took to have a Child for you is just your Child factory. She doesn’t have feelings reading this. Allah commanded us to be fair and just when we decide to go plural with Women.Congratulations on your Babies Birth.

Kabir Abdul: If this man they booze, I go say some of him post na under the influence.

There’s no absolute justice for family issues on social media. You will only further expose your home to more evil eyes and bad opinions. You just played the role of a 3rd wife by coming here to apologize.

Maybe polygamy is not your thing, but you are already in it, in it?but don’t make your second wife feel like a mistake. No woman deserves this public humiliation.

Umoru Shuaib: I love to see this coming from you, regardless you have a touch of “pride”. I will advise you talk to your man. And it could have been better if you carry her along, even if she’s against your wishes.May Peace returns to your home. Cheers 🥂

Zully Mewadon Sulieman: Post partam depression is real especially in first time mums. I pray she finds peace 🙏

Nana Aishat Kogi: May Allah the most high grant you more wisdom to leave with them peacefully 🙏U wanted to shame your first wife to prove a point to your enemies, but Allah is the best planner ✌️He blessed her too✌️✌️ This is an Ayya for those that have Sense 🤦Congratulations two star general 🎉😍🥳

Tajudeen Muhammed: Social media validates nothing….. 😔My humble opinion though!

Febry Gift: A brave man doesn’t come out to call himself brave !!


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