Biogotry is Not a Religion but Fanaticism

  • As of 7:22 a.m., a Twitter influencer named Morris Monye, aka Mo_Mo, presented a case that had to do with someone, a tweep named Mahmud S Ali Ado, who converted from Islam and needed help as his life was in danger. Religious extremism is a silent nightmare in Nigeria. This is not the first time scenarios like this will play out, and I can’t say what rules govern them. As of two days ago, this sparked different reactions from tweeps as they expressed their fears and concerns for the “victim”. To think that there’s freedom of religion in the constitution of Nigeria, why should someone be afraid of their choice of religion?
    Though he got help, read his story below.


Crazy how some people in the comments and quotes thinks this was created by obedient and promoted by sir Morris 


 to paint someone bad. 



 THREAD:I was born and raised as a Muslim in the north. And in the last few months I don’t feel or have that connection with the religion so I stopped doing any activity that the religion said we she do. Last 3 weeks my brother notice that I stopped praying and he report it to my dad.My dad took me to one malam in a place call Arzai, is like a rehab for muslim kids who are stubborn, use drugs, robbery and kidnaps, and I was interrogated like a criminal, beaten and abused. I spent a week there and escaped to ECWA where I also spent a week and convert . I left ECWA to go and get clothes as I left everything I have at home and I can’t return… That’s when me and a guy called “The savior” (Will not mention his name) notice that we are been followed by 3guys, we try to run and the guys shouted in Hausa “RIDDA YAYI” Meaning He Denounced Islam,some people took it serious while the others don’t. A scene was created there some people started beating me. We escaped and went to Sabon gari police station. I reported everything to them. But they told me that ” They Can’t Do anything as I can’t live there” . They can only help me at that moment. They called my parent and they told them they have nothing to do with me as I am a disgrace to the family. We left the next night about 2AM. We went to a place call Badawa and that’s we I was followed also, that’s when we notice that our they are tracking our call. We run to Gwagwarwa police station and report same issue and their police also told me the same thing. One of them a Muslim said to me ” He wished they can Catch me as I am very stupid to make that decision. I decided to leave but I don’t knw where to go or who to trust. I went to stay with a trusted friend, he doesn’t like my decision but won’t let me knw I was there. They call asking if he knw where I am, he told no. They let him knw that they are all out for me That was when I came on Twitter and message @SavvyRinu I didn’t get response and I Somehow liked @Morris_Monye tweet. I followed him and sent a message and he came through. I never know who he was or he is. HE SAVED MY LIFE!

I don’t want to fight any religion, I just want to live without the fear that you can make mistake and religion can get you killed for that. I lost everything but I am ready to start again. I decided to make this thread as I saw some people are already politicizing the post.
It’s time to find a new home and new life.

This is quite pathetic. Should religion be a do-or-die affair?


What happens to the place of humanity before religion? What happens to respect for people’s choices?

Bigiotry is not religion but fanaticism.

Religion has done, and is still doing, more damage to us as a nation.

The choice of religion should not be a crime.

Religion is not politics.

This is one of the reasons Nigeria is still a developing country after years of independence. As a nation, we have better things to agitate for than all these.


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