Happy Boys Now Prison Boys?

The results of being ungrateful to a benefactor are playing out with these boys, and most times, when people choose not to help for experiences best known to them,we call them out. For those who are not Nigerians, I’ll summarize the story.

About a year ago, these boys, who are security personnel at an eatery, were dancing instead of opening the door for customers to come in. Though that wasn’t part of their work description, somehow they got the support and sympathy of Nigerians after they got fired from the job. A kind Nigerian clergyman who happens to be the general overseer of a church, Omega Power Ministries, Pastor Chibuzor Chinyere,decided to give them a scholarship to study in Cyprus, including their manager, Caleb, which he did, as they were too young to work as security personnel. Every right-thinking individual will always look for what to do to earn some money for themselves, but in the case of these boys, they became demanding, and it was becoming overbearing for their benefactor.

They came on social media and said all sorts of malicious things against their benefactor. He cursed them, and Nigerians called him out until the truth began to unravel itself. They told their benefactor that they were “online celebrities”, hence they couldn’t work. How funny does this sound? Not when the richest or richest people are still looking for ways to make more money; these ones whose parents could afford a federal or state tertiary institution back here in Nigeria want to live like “princes”. Eventually, they failed their exams.

After receiving backlash from people, they apologized, and Daddy GO had already made arrangements for them to return. They turned it down, appreciating him for his kind gestures, as they wouldn’t be coming back to Nigeria. In fact, they told him to mind his business. Eventually, they were forgiven.

They have been arraigned for an unknown offense and remanded in an underground prison by the authorities in Cyprus. Well, the fact that Cyprus is known for inhumane treatment of foreigners, especially Africans, gives one cause for worry. What offense did they commit to warrant their being thrown into an underground cell? But if they are in prison, it’s obvious their stay was illegal.

Well, this seems to be one of the fastest acts of karma I’ve seen, as a lot of Nigerians are pleased with their current situation, hoping that they’ll learn. It has also sparked lots of funny reactions from Nigerians.Do I feel pity for them too? NO! Because they were ingrates.

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