The Lady You Termed Ashawo.

Humans in general are quick to draw conclusions about their fellow humans, especially when it has to do with ladies. It’s so easy for them to tag a lady as ASHAWO (one who sleeps with men for money). I’ll tell a short story. One Saturday morning, on our way to work, we boarded a bus. We were almost at our destination when this woman stopped the bus. The seats were tight, so we asked her to go in since we would be alighting soon. It resulted in insults, and the next we heard was “ASAHWOS”. I told her it takes a retired person to know one. My friend was earnestly looking forward to the day we would meet again.

I’ll list instances we’re all familiar with.
Once a lady isn’t demanding, she has someone who is bankrolling her secretly.

If she’s a marketer, she automatically sleeps with men to meet her targets. No doubt,there are ladies who will do anything to keep their jobs. In the same way, one won’t blame them. However, I still blame them. It will interest you to know that not all marketers open their legs to everyone simply because they want to meet their targets. Yes, some will flirt with these men, and at the end, if they want to have a relationship with them, I don’t think it gives cause for any headache or name-calling.

Once you dress neatly and go out, you’re an Ashawo. How much is her salary? Where does she work to be able to afford such a ride? How is she able to afford such rent in the XYZ environment? Wow! People are really bitter and damaged. I should be expecting questions like, How did she start? What family does she come from, even though it’s not necessary to ask? Where was she leaving before now?

We only care about the glory we see and castigate it, not minding to hear the story behind it. You have no idea of the sleepless nights and tears, the number of rejected emails, and the number of interviews they never got a call back for.
Did you care to ask how many offers she turned down because she didn’t want to compromise?
Did you care to ask how she starved herself of some pleasures?
Did you care to ask how she was able to keep her sanity and prove to her point that she has value to offer to the brand, even when she felt cheated?

Most of you obviously have no idea of these things, yet you run your mouths like faulty taps to spew rubbish. Some would claim to have conducted investigations to prove their claims. I laugh in my dialect. If only these acclaimed investigations would have been carried out to know how to help the situation in the country, we could move forward.

Some of you need to channel these energies into something more productive.

The more annoying thing is the fact that most of these name-callings go to the innocent ones while the guilty ones receive praise. What a confused generation!

Not every lady will open her legs for every man to keep or get her job.

Not every lady will open her legs to sleep with every man because she wants to wear the latest hair, shoes, or clothes or hold the latest gadgets.

This will interest you to know that there are legit ASHAWOS. I’m talking about those who work for their money. Their bosses can boldly take them to conferences and ask them to make presentations, and they will deliver. Not some blockheads who think their pussies will give them some immunity. In no time, they will crash, as there’s this sense of no fulfillment.

Every girl works for her money, but not every girl is an “Ashawo.” Some of you need to stop these demeaning statement.

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