What are your thoughts on reuniting with an ex-partner?

We are all ex-lovers at some time in our lives. Some of us go on with new partners, while others decide to be single in order to maintain their mental health.

The truth is that the majority of people who seek reconciliation actually do it with the intention of destroying you. Have you ever pondered why former lovers re-unite, now that I think about it?

Actually, some of them are losers. Losers in the sense that they have attempted to date someone else (1, 2, or even 3persons) but it has failed. Therefore, the best they can hope for is to return to YOU. I’m speaking from personal experience when I say this. Have you ever come across the phrase You’re the girl of my dreams, other girls I’ve met after you didn’t last a month, when I was with you, you caused me no headache, you weren’t demanding, and the misleading or manipulative discussions continue on and on to trap you in their cage of egoism?

Some people ask if you’re seeing anybody else to confirm their assumptions about you, especially if it’s someone they’ve accused you of seeing. For the sake of curiosity, they don’t deserve to know very much about you. Keep them in the dark. Even though you don’t have anything against them, it would be better for you if you fully cut them off.

I recall telling a former coworker that I wouldn’t have a monitoring spirit in my contacts on the pretext of being an ex merely to make him feel special. Don’t interfere; let them stew in their doubts.

Although we are aware of these facts, occasionally the lovely moments we have previously experienced with them can compel us to stay in touch.

Others believe that you are truly fixated on them. I guess you stalk them, or the other way around, and this happens.

Some people are seeking a location to relax as they haven’t engaged in sexual activity recently. It does not follow that your ex still loves you just because he wants to have sex with you, and vice versa.

Some people simply cannot forget about you.

The fact that you’re truly happy makes some others envious. Like you’re relishing the bliss they were unable to give you. They could then want to return to experience what it’s like to be happy in a relationship.

Some people tried to make amends and resolve the disagreement that led to the two of you parting ways when they realized their errors. The adages “Temper justice with mercy” and “Second chances are a part of life” apply here.

Dear you, in either situation, just be aware that it typically doesn’t turn out well because some partners have a tendency to point out your mistakes. I’ve come to the opinion that if you truly love the first person, you won’t have eyes for anyone else unless you’re inherently “brostitude”.

Reconciling with an ex is not something I have a problem with, but it raises certain concerns for me. when you’ve had one or two instances.

Currently, the Angel I’m beginning to know will be preferable to the DEVIL I’ve known. I don’t claim to be an expert in relationships, but given the current circumstances, you can’t afford to bring more squalor into your life and wreck the one you’ve always wanted.

This piece is applicable to both gender.

Your opinions on ex-partners are welcome.

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