Amanda Chisom aborted a baby- Chukwudi Iwuchukwu

Since they were purportedly friends before the Chinmark saga went viral with the collapse of the investment company, it is difficult to establish what exactly transpired between Chukwudi and Amanda. It’s hardly surprising that Amanda Chisom, who seemed to get along well with the Red King, the ex-ponzi lord, was the top among influencers. For now, I won’t say much. I’m hoping Chukwdi is prepared for Amanda since he’s determined to get her locked up. If his charges are accurate, revealing her private life on social media doesn’t seem essential, in my opinion. I think it was rude of him. If he actually wants to help investors, he should focus his efforts on making sure Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah is caught.

In her space, Amanda Chisom positioned herself as a holy warrior who is sold out for God.

But in real life, she is the opposite of what she perceives herself to be.

In 2018, Amanda got herself entangled in a relationship with an Abuja-based Sugar daddy that was picking up her bills.

It does not matter to her that she had a boyfriend who was serious and wanted to marry her.

One thing led to another, and she got pregnant for the sugar daddy in Abuja.

Knowing she can’t trap the pregnancy on her poor boyfriend, who was madly in love with her,

Amanda aborted the baby.

Yes, she did.

Let her deny this.

I will produce the name of the doctor who is her friend on Facebook and the clinic where the abortion took place.

But on Facebook, Amanda preaches to you people that she is an evangelist who is an independent woman.

Independent my foot

I believe that the ghost of the baby she aborted has been haunting her and will continue to haunt her.

No wonder she cried herself to sleep every night, according to multiple sources close to her.

This is just part 1 of Amanda Chisom’s expose.

Let her dare insult my parents again.

I will share more exposes on the Ponzi queen and hypocrite who masquerade themselves as children of God.

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