Dear Mimie, Who Does Spa Treat On Credit in this era?

Hey, who goes to the spa on credit?

I’ll just go straight to the point, so I won’t bore you. I met this guy online. We got chatting, thinking he was going to patronize the package I advertised. Nope! He didn’t, even though we exchanged contacts. We got talking, and as usual, Oga wanted more. Lol. It was a few days until my birthday, and he offered to give me a threat at a spa,considering the fact that I was really stressed then. Who am I to say no? This was full-body pampering we were talking about.

I booked two days ahead, and the day was here. Pheeeew! I was at the spa. I changed into a robe, and we began with a manicure and pedicure, a detox, facials, and a sauna. It was a beautiful moment for me. Meanwhile, there were no intentions of dating this guy. I wasn’t just ready for another relationship, as some guys of this generation don’t know what they want. They act like they do, but as time goes on, they show themselves.

While the treat was going on, a beautiful lady had a chitchat with me, and we talked a lot. She shared her experiences with me, and they weren’t funny, though she’s happily settled now. After all was said and done, I decided to work on my mind and emotions to see if it would work out.

Months later, I tried to It looked like it was making sense, but guys like this will never fail to disappoint you. Guy talked about a lot of things I wasn’t comfortable with,  and it was like he had a problem understanding. Gosh,is this what I’m going to be dealing with? I’m two steps ahead of him in my first thought; I didn’t want a dummy for a boyfriend or husband. He was talking about marriage. I want my man to be in charge even when we step out. Like, do you get that feeling?

I’ve always wanted a man who was vastly knowledgeable. Someone I could learn stuff from, but this one was a no-go area. Well, there’s room for learning, yeah? No man is an island. I was ready to teach him a few things, but thoughts of the past kept coming back. I won’t labor again for another lady to enjoy. I still pointed out a few things I wasn’t comfortable with. This relationship must work, and there should be proper communication. It wasn’t just there; I wasn’t having it. I decided to walk away. I couldn’t deal with an insensitive person.

This guy wasn’t what he claimed to be. How can you be less than average and still be dumb in this era as a man? He had a good job, but there was nothing to show for it. Everyone kept saying he was nice, but deep down,he’d rather be nice to people outside than fix his home or himself up. Hell no! I won’t marry this kind of person because the emotional pressure will be too much on me; he has this nonchalant attitude.

I sent the lady a message to tell her I walked away months ago and explained he wasn’t who she thinks he is. He’s not a straight-forward person. Dude actually accused me of dating a married man, whom he knows I quite detest. I’m a homely person. So why accuse me? The funny thing is that he can’t confront me. If a guy like him can’t tell me what I did wrong, I’ll obviously sink along the way. I can’t always be right. Rebuke me when I mess up in love, though.

After I dropped my explanations on her,she smiled and sighed. She told me everything I told her was just a confirmation. The shocker was when she told me he had yet to pay her for the spa treat and all. I was embarrassed, but I had no choice. You won’t want to guess how long this debt has lasted for…

There is no need to try to be someone you’re not simply because you want to impress me. For a deep thinker and a sensitive person like me, it won’t work. Sister, that’s how God delivered me from the trash. To make matters worse, the dude has three other babes aside from me. Tell me why he won’t be in debt.

Not all of us are easily impressed by stuff. It’s the reason why some of us are content and work with what we have. This is the second-most “useless” relationship I’ve been in. I’d rather go back to an ex than be with the “rubbish” I’ve been seeing lately.

May we not be unfortunate.

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