Many people are concerned about the financial capabilities of certain comedians and skit makers, particularly their ability to afford the lavish residences they flaunt on social media,which are reported to be worth millions of Naira.

Nasty Blaq expressed tremendous grief on Wednesday, July 19, in response to the barrage of charges leveled against him and his coworkers. He bemoaned the increasing conjecture about the source of their fortune.

He expressed frustration at how people are swift to undermine the hard work and dedication that skit makers put into creating content, while simultaneously applauding musicians who achieve similar levels of success. The comedian highlighted the unfairness of such double standards in the entertainment industry.

Nasty Blaq asserted that some fans exhibit self-centered behavior as they appear unwilling to see skit makers like him achieve financial success, despite the fact that their humorous skits bring immense joy and happiness to these very fans.

He wrote;

“Seyi Vibes never reach one-year wey e blow e don buy house/car and everybody congratulates the guy …skit maker do the same thing in 3-4 years una go say na yahoo and ritual chai dem no rate this skit making game at all and na we suffer pass

Sometimes I feel some fans just want make we dey give dem joy but make joy no reach our own life because I don’t understand how somebody do skit for over 5years and finally e buy car you open your mouth say na ritual and yahoo God have mercy”