Tinubu’s 8k to the Poor:Corruption in Nigeria is Bottom to Top-Charles Awuzie.

Former President,Maj. Gen. Mohammed Buhari propagated 10,000 naira monthly on palliatives during his tenure for the poor. We all know how the money went. Now President Ahmed Tinubu has reduced it to 8,000 naira monthly to the poor. Even though this has sparked different reactions from citizens, this will further enrich the rich and the poor keeps getting poor. While this may sound funny, the 8k logo has been on President Tinubu’s cap. Here is Charles’ analysis on the urgent “8k”

Analysing Tinubu’s 8K…

Before I decided to sneak into this political conversation, I first interacted with 6 Nigerians representing the 6 Geopolitical zones. I also studied the patterns and profiles of social media comments on the issue. I needed to understand the sentiments of the broader Nigerian population beyond my immediate circle – that’s a good way to start analysing impact of any policy in a complex country like ours.

In my interactions, I understood that Asiwaju’s N8,000 was received with joy in regions with high poverty rate while thriving regions laughed off the package.

A bigger section of the population expressed distrust in the Nigerian system to faithfully distribute the money to the poor.

I will focus on the later – maybe because I share the same sentiment.

I’ve said it several times, Nigeria’s problem cannot be solved by ONLY a change of government. Nigeria’s major problem is embedded in the corrupt mentality of most Nigerians. Our people restlessly hunt for a way to enrich themselves with every opportunity. Corruption in Nigeria is BOTTOM TO TOP, Not top to bottom. Those at the bottom are waiting for their opportunity to get to the top and execute their lifetime political money heist. This is why we keep going in circles as a nation.

Tinubu’s 8k is a good initiative especially to the poorest of the poor on the streets of the far North and the erosion ridden villages in the South who live like sub-humans in a land that flows with milk and honey.

Tinubu’s 8k could help a family buy anti-malaria medication for their aged and weak mother hopelessly waiting for a tap from death.

The money will however be useless to those who have no use of “urgent 2k”. And I will advise this class of Nigerians to challenge Tinubu’s 8k on the grounds of the possibility of corruption in distributing the money but not on the grounds of its significance in the life of the poorest of the poor.

I will not celebrate or criticize Tinubu’s 8k until after the 6 months distribution period. We will need proof that the funds were transparently distributed to the poor and didn’t end up in pockets of the super rich via criminal Special Purpose Vehicles.

Tinubu will spend over 600 Billion Naira in this exercise. That’s huge. 576 Billion Naira, over 700 million USD is the amount to be distributed. If we factor in administrative costs needed to effect the distribution, I will be fair to say that this exercise could take 1 Billion USD out of our national treasury. My question is – what is the guarantee that this money will not be swallowed by a crocodile in an air-conditioned office or a python crawling into the national Assembly?

Until we fix the system, our mindsets, the rich will always consume the food meant for the poor and do public giveaways to buy the soul of the children of the poor. It will take at least 25 years of national overhauling to fix this Culture. Tinubu’s 8k may make some people billionaires and they will testify that what God cannot do does not exist. Do not underestimate the power of 8k multiplied by 12 million over a 6 month of period but taken in at once.

My name is Charles Awuzie and I am a concerned Nigerian.

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