All Eyes On The Judiciary, Will Tinubu be the first to leave the office?

Today is another  start of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his vice, Shetttima’s defense as Nigerians who have been following up on the court case are waiting to hear what they have to say to everyone. Proofs of the violent attacks and harassment of voters in polling units were recorded in at least sixteen states . Lagos,Kano Rivers and IMO were reportedly the most affected. Underage voting was reported In sokoto and Kano according to the EU Election Observation Mission.

Some Nigerians are hoping that following their very poor defense in court, it’s over for them. Their case should be closing today and they should expect their disqualification and sack letter soon. It is also believed that they are relying on bribing judges like they did with INEC to deliver judgment in favor of President Tinubu.

A warning has been given to the Judiciary not to trigger Nigerians again like INEC did. The needful should be done to avoid tension in the nation. It’s obvious the “THEY” didn’t expect the case to be this weighty as it has the attention of Nigerians, Africa and International Bodies. As earlier stated, it is believed that they were banking on bribery but as it is now, all eyes are on them in and outside the court.

As usual, there will always be contrary options as some are advising those in support of reclaiming the stolen mandate to rest and stop with the false hope, so no one gets hurt when the court gives it’s final verdict. It’s best they start the healing process in case they get shocked as it’s not by presenting 500 witnesses. They need to understand how these legal matters works, someone said.

Another advised Obidients bring NASA Astronauts and neurosurgeon to help their case. Well, this isn’t funny.

According to EU Electoral Observation Mission, “Nigeria youths were expected to decide the 2023 elections, but political parties exploitation and INEC’s lack of transparency failed them”. But then, Nigerian youths are out to tell them that they messed with the wrong generation as evidence from EU are all over and Festus Keyamo, a supposed SAN made himself a promoter of fake news before the international community. That’s why he never worn any case according to another individual.

With the turnout of events,  do you think President Bola  Ahmed Tinubu will be the first President to be removed from the office?
Do you think the court will rule in favor of Labour Party or APC…? Let’s her from you


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