New month message to the government from 99%OPPRESSED.

Will there be ears from the government to listen to all these?

Time to end the Boko Haram insurgency war ravaging the Northeast. It is a man made war, being fueled by some powerful interest, for pecuniary gains. The Nigerian military still remains one of the finest in the world, defeating Boko Haram is not rocket science it is very possible.

We must change our tactics from analog methods of war, to 21st century digital methods of war. There must be sincerity of purpose towards ending the war from both the government, and the military.
Foreign and domestic interest profiting from the war must be purged out.

Enough is enough. The lives of ordinary Nigerians matters. Our IDP camps are gradually turning into people’s ancestral homes. Kids born in IDP camps, are fast growing into adults. Yet there are no signs of ending the war. Studies has shown that when a war last too long in a place then there must be enormous wealth in that land, natural resources, or some unseen powerful interest fueling/ sustaining the war. In the case of this ongoing Boko Haram war in the Northeast, all 3 factors are playing out. The government must be decisive to end the war. Firstly, they must unmask those unseen interests behind the war.

Those sustaining it, and those profiting from it.
The government must give a time frame to all NGO’S and international aid organizations operating in the Northeast, when their operation and activities will end.

It must not be more than two years. The government must map out the entire lake Chad basin, inclusive of sambisa forest, for two main reasons. One, To know all the illegal boarders around. To know all entry & exit points for illegal firearms & weapons. To know Boko Haram route.

Secondly to share the mapped out Lake Chad basin areas of Nigerian territories & the sambisa forest into three zones. Two war zones, consisting of the Eastern & western flanks, & a buffer zone at the middle to finish off the war while using conventional tactics, & model tech. Any illegal boarder found out after the mapping, must be shut down, with heavy military presence.

Illegal arms and ammunitions in the Northeast must be mopped up by the government, with incentives to buy them half the price if voluntarily returned within a specific time frame. The government must get model arms & equipments to execute the war, & they must embrace full military technology to wipe out Boko Haram. The use of Night vision cameras, high calibre drones with human heat sensors to detect human beings, even in the darkest forest, at the middle of the night. weapon dictating drones, with night vision cameras and infrared. Precision weapons and bombing drones.
The government must also show sincerity of purpose to winning the war by including local communities around the lake Chad basin, in their fight against terrorism.

Communities around the lake chad basin must be encouraged to form local vigilantes, fully funded by the Federal government, for a period not exceeding two years, to stop Boko Haram from passing through their villages, hiding in their villages, or attacking them, while the military provides cover as they flush out the insurgents.

Boko Haram must be pushed into the two war zones, where all the Nigerian military might, will be unleashed on them. The buffer zone will be for safe passage of civilians leaving the war zones, safe passage of goods & services. A place to accept Boko Haram fighters willing to surrender.

Where aid organizations & NGO’S can operate from, while at the front line. Where journalist & war correspondents can report from at the front line. It will be highly highly fortified. The government must improve the welfare of soldiers & personnels fighting the Boko Haram insurgency war. With the least ranked soldier being placed on a 25 million naira life insurance policy that must be paid to his or her next of kin, not later than 24 hours, if he or she dies in war.

All soldiers fighting the Boko Haram war, must be entitled to a two years free medical care for at least 3 of their kids, and free school fees, not exceeding two years. Salaries of soldiers and personnel nationwide must be properly reviewed and improved upon. The government must give a time frame to all military chiefs, and top officers fighting the Boko Haram war, that the war will not exceed two years, after proving all the necessary funding, support and equipments needed for the war.

In 12 months, the government must review the war. If it is not a 60% success, all service chiefs, and top military officers executing the war, will be fired from the military, with new ones appointed, to finish off the war in 12 months. The result the new set of officers will achieve will be tremendous.

So help us God.


May Nigeria succeed.

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