Kenyan lady shows Davido’s boxer as evidence, Pre-A-Thon trending on the bird app.

Woke up to Pre-A-Thon trending on twitter this morning. I wonder if they sleep on that app. The funny thing is that another kenyan has alleged the Davido slept with her and she presented his boxer as an evidence. I wonder what would prompt her to do such. Maybe she wants to take it to the museum to be kept as an artefact. She obviously looks razz and gutter from the video gossip mill shared.

As it is now, an unverified page of Guinness World Record page (Nigerian branch) has awarded Davido as the record holder. With the way its going,even GWR can’t stop them as they have declared him.

Nigerians seems to be having a nice time on twitter this morning as many are dropping their comments.
Below are some of the reactions from the bird app.

@Swagger-Jeffrey has challenged indians to bring a representative to beat “Davido father Abraham.

@Busywrites: We all can now agree that we’ve long been imposing birth control responsibility on the wrong gender. A woman could only have less than 2 full pregnancy cycles a year, while a man can impregnate 1,000 women or more in a month. VASECTOMY gospel needs to be widely preached

@Joey4crack: Davido sang “unavailable” & you all didn’t know he meant contraceptive is “unavailable”. We are seeing the pregnancy results of those who joined his oza room challenge.

@AntiXenophobia: How can Davido be “Unavailable” and still be available for pregathon

@Rainsegzy:Alas! The Preg-a-thon of our time. All hail Davido!!!

Chioma – pregnant Sir

Anita – pregnant Sir
Ivanna Bay – pregnant Sir

Who is next?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣If e sure for your fave make e try ham!

@Abelpter: Davido might be on a Preg-a-thon and we have no idea. I just hope he has informed Guinness sha.

@Sarjayvibez: Now I understand Davido’s Unavailable
Chioma Anita preg-a-thon Ashawo

@Emyrys: I leave phone few minutes go shower and on my return,kpam,Preg-a-thon is trending 🤦🏻‍♀️Why una dey like this for this app🤣

@agana_george: Cook-A-thon


Which A-thon can you break this year?😂

@Ifudiya: Davido abeg help us pregnant a Jamaican babe.😂😂😂 on your next Preg-a-thon

@Warr33God:Make una leave Davido alone abeg. All these Olosho just dey cap rubbish. Nigerians, protect your own. Olosho talk finish, some of una don dey drag @davido; no be so o.

Davido never talk, make una all call down and relax on the saintly moral compass una dey form n dz preg-a-thon.

Can’t imagine how Chioma will be feeling right now. Even though he(Davido) never told us that he was a pastor in the lyrics, can be at least control his below the belt faculty from these daughters of Eve? Chioma must be going through a lot.

Hope she finds solace amongst all these drama. The bird app is truly not for the fainthearted. Nigerians can amplify things you no never imagine. We joke with serious matters, reasons why depression can’t kill us all despite the state of the nation.

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