I don’t want to be a woman living in Nigeria-Charles Awuzie.

The said reality…

Charles Awuzie on the sad reality on the ongoing saga. This made me lost words.

Read below.

The best thing that can happen to you is to be a MAN and live in Nigeria….

Society doesn’t hold us to the same moral standards as women…

As a Nigerian man living in Nigeria, I can Nak 10 women and make them pregnant, Society will Blame the woman for “opening legs” for married man. The blame is on the single woman, not me. What a lucky gender we are.

If by chance you have money and fame, you can sleep with any girl of any age – remember, you are not wrong. The minors are wrong. They are ‘loose’. They are desperate. They are sinners. They are wicked. They want to pull you down. And if they ever question the man’s actions, they must be killed .

Whether it is Davido or BankyW, or a rich pastor or holy Imam, just be a man, be rich and be Nigerian, you are a hero even in your wickedness.

I don’t want to be a woman living in Nigeria…

Because even fellow women will fight you if you ever mention that a man took advantage of you.

I don’t want to be a woman living in Nigeria…

Because you are the wrong one if your husband cheats… You didn’t give him enough sxx and should take sxx lessons from his side hens.

I don’t want to be a Nigerian woman Living in Nigeria…

Because you are wrong at default.

I used to desire to have a daughter but if they will be born in Nigeria and live in Nigeria, I will rather have a vasectomy.

Watch those who will fight this post – they will be women.

Watch those who will troll me for this post – they will be women.

Watch those who will say I am looking for free p**sy, they will be Nigerian women.

They have been so oppressed by powerful men that anyone attempting to wake them up looks like a SIMP…

But how can I be a SIMP when I’m personally surrounded by beauty and true love? How can a man who is not emotional be a SIMP? I am not looking for any woman, I have enough love and supply of s*x to sustain me for another lifetime. But I am saddened by the reality most vulnerable women face in Nigeria. I have a mother. I have sisters and cousins. I have female mentees and friends. I think about them in the face of oppressive and suppressive patriarchy and I weep.

I am also not perfect, I probably owe a woman out there an honest Apology.

I have also not done enough for women – maybe because I am limited by influence and power. But with my little voice, I’ve done my best.

Someone else will say – “Charles, women never hurt you before.”

Well, I have had a fair share of being hurt by women.

I had a Nigerian girlfriend who would take money from my business to fund her true love.

I had another one who took my boxers to a witchdoctor and later confessed that she wanted me dead for leaving her.

What about women who planned with my enemies to destroy me? Such exist.

I could go on and on…

But the sins of a few rotten eggs should never be used to judge an entire population.

There are genuinely vulnerable women who are being oppressed by powerful men. They have no voice. They can’t fight back. And if you can’t help them, please don’t hurt them more.

I will conclude this post with a loud SHAME to Nigerian women who join oppressors to oppress their fellow women. You are slaves and your daughters will be slaves to the same corrupt power drunk men you fight for.

But to those who are unbiased…

To those who separate sentiments from Truth…

To those who are not fighting out of hatred for men…

To those who love humanity despite gender, tribe, wealth or religion…

I call you QUEENS.

My name is Charles Awuzie and my heart breaks at the reality many vulnerable women go through in Nigeria…. Unfortunately, they love it too. Poverty has made them willing slaves to wealthy slave masters.

I am signing out!

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