Testosterone is not anyone’s mate- Charles Awuzie

Can’t keep these information to myself, I had to share even though I can’t stop laughing. Please join me and read the facts below……

Men’s Conference…

All men Gather here …

Women, please calm down and listen…

The story goes that excess levels of testosterone leads to baldness and therefore, bald men have more testosterone. And as excess testosterone does actually increase your sex drive, a connection was born. UK’s Lloyds Pharmaceutical company agrees with this.

Other benefits of high testosterone includes:

1. Increased energy and focus resulting in success in life.

People always ask me “why is it that men with crazy Sex drive are also very successful?” Well, there’s a scientific explanation for that.

2. Increase in bone health.

3. Decrease in fat mass.

4. Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer.

5. Increased libido, sexual satisfaction.

The disadvantages include:

1. Elevated cholesterol levels.
2. Risk of infertility caused by low sperm count.
3. Risk of promiscuity


Be CONSCIOUS of your high sex drive as a man.

Discuss your high sex drive with the woman in your life.

Avoid casual sex outside a committed relationship. If you can’t exercise further self control, INSTEAD OF HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX WITH THE WRONG PERSON, Masturbate. If you and your wife can do oral sex, why can’t you both do phone sex to protect the legacy?
When I say legacy, I’m talking about your estates and wealth. Nothing destroys Wealth like a man who is not Sexually Intentional and conscious.

Listen, I’m not a religious person. My advice is practical. If you like, come here and advise people to speak in tongues to cure high libido. I hope you know that majority of those who speak in tongues end up washing plate with their tongue 👅. Calm down. I be pastor too. Embrace a Practical life and Mindset. When you become practical, life will begin to make more sense and you will become A FREE MAN.

My name is Charles Awuzie and I wish Banky W, Tuface and Yul Edochie had a mentor who told them this truth ahead of time.

And about Davido, yes he is also BALD. He wears a wig. Google it or ask his closest friends.

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