I disagree with gistlover that there ‘is’ abandonment.-Charles Awuzie

Remember that the general overseer of OPM,Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere began to trend for wrong reasons lately as Gistlovers alleged that the cleric habitually lures his female members with sex.

Imabong Sunday, a mother of one had come out to say that  the cleric is a deadbeat dad to their son and she was ready to tell the world more.

Before things escalated to the general public,it looked like Charles Awuzie, who went on break to concentrate on his work and personal issues, had to come online to say he had tried to make things work out between the two parties involved but can’t say the reason why it got to gistlovers as he said gistlovers do not carry out necessary investigations before coming out to the public.

May the spirit of Ruben not ruin us…..

See his statement on the matter below….

I don’t know how many people have tagged me to the Story of Imaobong Sunday .

For personal reasons, I won’t make further comment and I’m doing this solely for the dozens of messages which I can’t respond directly to.

I disagree with gistlover that there ‘is’ abandonment. Maybe, there was abandonment before the case was brought to me but after my intervention, the pastor in question took up responsibility. Is it possible that he stopped at a point? I will need to call them both on another group call and find out what really happened. I took a break from every drama because I also have my personal problems.

First, I did everything I could to ensure these things never got to Gistlover. Gistlover doesn’t do investigations to hear the whole story. But I do investigations. I also do mediations. When cases are brought to me, I use internal processes to solve the case and the public is always the last option especially if people prove stubborn. But the person in question here didn’t prove stubborn to me. He was honest with me and he earned my love through the honesty.

And you can go ahead and say I was covering up for the pastor. Well, I don’t care what you say. I just think there has been a lot of scandals about pastors and remember, myself I grew up as a pastor so I will always try to understand a pastor. A lot of people expect pastors to be Holier than god but we are humans with a pen1s. And human sexuality is common to all humans. Nobody is holier than anyone. Nobody. This is why I advocate personal spirituality.

Was I shocked that the news got out? Yes, I was also as shocked as everyone else seeing the news on gistlover 😢. When cases are brought to me, I try to provide moral support but I can’t control the actions of a grown person. Both the pastor and Imaobong made commitments to me. They promised to stick to our initial agreement as a family. So if one of them didn’t keep the part of the agreement and this happened, wasting my long hours of calls with them, then I feel like I wasted my precious coding time.

Yes, I personally mediated in the case. In the past months, I held long hours of calls with both baby mama and baby daddy. We made huge progress and peace was restored at one point.

But today, I feel like a failure 😢.

I feel like those long calls were wasted..

Maybe I wasn’t there to give attention to Imaobong (Lovina).

Maybe I should have paid more attention to her Emotional Pain instead of hammering on Motivation and mentorship everytime we talked.

Maybe when she gave signs of depression and deep emotional pain, I should have called the attention of the pastor to provide emotional support and closure – something I don’t know how to provide. I do not like dabbling into the realm of emotions to protect my own mental health.

Maybe I should have initiated more calls – but where do I borrow time from.

So this is my first and last comment on this case – THERE IS NOTHING TOO SPOILT THAT CAN’T BE FIXED.


I want everyone to do what we agreed on and move on.

With Kingdom love
Charles Awuzie.

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