#BBNaija Reunion Analysis About Phyna

Its no news that the ongoing saga the Big Brother Niaja reunion between Phyna and other other housemates as she seems to be at the center of the table.

There has been different opinions about the analysis below as it didn’t seat well some,while some are in support of the analysis and still professional their undying love for Phyna despite her shortcomings and baggage.

Some see the analysis as pushing the country backwards as she’s not behaving the way she should, considering the fact that she’s the winner of the show as she’s portraying a bad attitude.

A lot of opinions about her bad attitude keeps coming up which could be as a result of heart break and emotional disease…. Etc.

Another sees the piece as glorifying stupidity,stubbornness and pushing the country backwards. Some went as far as making comparison of Mercy Eke to her, who was the first female winner as being classy and well behaved,while Phyna is seen as not well cultured.

Well,here’s the six analysis Big Brother Fada dropped below and drop your views about Phyna..

Phyna has been subjected to a great deal of unfairness. Similar to what Chomzy said, Phyna is being heavily criticized. The hate towards Phyna stems from various sources and factors. Firstly, there is a combination of fanbases who believe that their favorite contestant should have won the show. They are unable to move on from their disappointment and particularly, Bryann fans (known as vibrants/disruptors) are prominent in this group.

Secondly, there are individuals who are still hurt by Phyna and Groovy’s relationship after their preferred contestant was disqualified. They hold a grudge against Phyna for “taking away” their golden boy, and forgiveness seems unlikely from this group.

Thirdly, there are Groovers who believed that their favored contestant was too good for the Level Up season Queen. They wanted him to continue his flirtatious behavior as he did with Beauty Tukura, but Phyna outsmarted him. This group holds onto their resentment and will likely not heal from this situation.

Fourthly, there are some Amazons who feel that Phyna betrayed their girl, Amaka, by not delivering the “groovy” parcel. They hold Phyna responsible and harbor negative feelings towards her.

Fifthly, there are Champs who wanted Phyna to be friends with their girl desperately. However, because Phyna became close to Bella, whom they dislike, it angered them. They will only find solace if Phyna becomes friends with Chichi.

Sixthly, a small percentage of fans from various other fanbases have their own reasons for hating Phyna.

Additionally, there are individuals who despise Phyna for her boldness and audaciousness. They believe she shouldn’t speak up, fight for her rights, or address issues that bother her. These people quickly label her as “razz” and uncouth.

Despite facing hate from multiple fanbases, Phyna has the largest fanbase from the Level Up season (known as Phynations), and they consistently step up to defend and support her. However, the intensity of the hate she receives becomes overwhelming when combined with all these other fanbases hating on her. It’s like picturing ten mini-countries fighting against the largest country—the largest country would likely emerge as the winner, but not without significant casualties.

These are just my observations.

Source: Big Brother fada.

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