Was this necessary? Marc Martins’ birthday message to Apostle Joshua Selman.

Apostle Joshua Selman’s messages have no doubt transform lives to the best of my knowledge. You can’t hear his teachings(Motivational talks like you call it)  and not have a deep insight about the next action point to take. while I hate to indulge myself with anything that has to do with clergymen, but your birthday message or prayers or wishes holds no water even though one of your followers said “a mere church goer won’t understand your stand”.

Funny how you ask what Jesus he preaches…. really?…

I honestly don’t know what some expect Christianity to be like. In poverty or live as a mediocre or what exactly? Is that what the scripture says?

If this motivational speaker transforms lives and you’re not okay with it, I’d rather listen to his “talks” all the time.

You all should rest and give the body of Christ some peace with trying to prove points. No one knows it all dear Bible scholars. In all I loved the fact that you agreed that he has made impacts and still influencing  many. So what exactly is your point because I for one, seem not to comprehend what you’re saying. Why face those turning Bible upside down.

Here is Marc Martins’ wish below.

Dear Apostle Joshua Selman…

Today is your 43rd birthday. And indeed, in these 43 years of your earthly sojourn, you’ve made great impacts in the lives of many, and you’re still influencing many.

Today, many people celebrate your birthday, addressing you as spiritual father, mentor, teacher, apostle and God’s general.

Yes, you’re a mentor to many. And no doubt, you’re a great teacher.

But spiritual father? God’s general? Very unlikely. And this isn’t about any personal opinion. It’s judgment made purely based on Scripture.

Based on the teachings of the scripture, people deserving of the name fathers in the Christian faith are people who have sacrificially invested their lives for the cause of God’s Kingdom.

Biblical heroes of faith were never people who spent their lives in pursuit of influence, relevance and fame. Material aggrandizement was never something that characterized their lives.

They were people that lived in tents, hated by the world, considered not worthy of their generations.

That’s in stark contrast to what you teach and live by.

And yes, you teach so eloquently well. Some argue that you’re sound. And that, I don’t dispute.

But then, sound at what?

Yes, you’re sound at high sounding human philosophies like Confucius, Gautama Buddha, Socrates, Plato, etc. were.

And yes, you’re a sound motivational speaker after the order of Brian Tracy, Norman Vincent Peale, Steve Harvey, etc.

No doubt that you’re sound with psychological strategems like Robert Greene, Nicolo Machiavelli, Baltassar Gracian, Sun Tzu, etc.

But a sound biblical teacher? No! You’re far apart from it.

A preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Not at all!

Yes, you teach about fasting, prayer, making sacrifices, self control, personal discipline, etc. But all other religions teach the same.

Yes, you talk about Jesus, kingdom, etc in your messages. But, which Jesus? And which kingdom?

Yes, you quote and make reference to the Bible in your teachings. But Greene and many others do that, while rejecting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I don’t write based on speculations. I make practice of listening to your messages, hoping that you’ll change by God’s grace.

The Christianity you preach is an aberration from biblical and historical Christianity.

So today, while we celebrate your birthday, I raise the same prayer I have for you: that some day, by God’s grace, you’ll start preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yes, I believe you’re a Christian. And I believe God has placed a call upon your life.

But for your sake and the sake of the many people who follow you, I pray that you start preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and teaching biblical Christianity.

I trust God to keep praying for you.

May God help us all.

Happy Birthday to you Sir.

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  1. There are people who are ordained by the enemy of the cross and of the called.

    Apostle Joshua Selma is a sound and a season minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    He has labored to be where he is today. And, he still laboring in God’s vineyard to bring many to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus.


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