Dear Mimie, I Fear The Rage Of A Woman even though I’m one.

We just got to know that my brother’s wife was responsible for his predicament. I’ll only say what I know.

 My brother was nothing when he met this woman. She was a single mother who was hardworking. She eventually got him into the police force, and since then, it has been bliss for him. After a while, things began to go south as my brother began to misbehave and cheat on her with different women.

 I’d say her rage started when she lost her first child, who was done with university, to gas explosions. I can’t say why my brother never wanted the girl around. His wife felt my brother hated the girl for no just cause. Ever since she lost that girl, things have not been normal, even though she has other children with him.

 We don’t live with the couple, but to an extent, my brother wasn’t fair in his treatment of her. Yes, he was helping us with funds and all that. At some point, we felt the woman was just being unnecessarily difficult. Little did we know that there was fire behind the smoke we were seeing. We just didn’t pay attention to it.

 My brother became sick; he recovered the first time, though he spent money. And went back to work. After enjoying one of his sexual escapades with one of his side chicks on his way home, he collapsed, and Good Samaritans rushed him to the hospital. He had a stroke. Though he was recuperating, he kept behaving abnormally, like someone who is always hallucinating. Only God knows what he was seeing. He’d always say people were after him to kill him and all. At some point, we got tired of him because he wasn’t receiving good treatment from his wife.

 He had to confide in our cousin, who is very close to him, that he cheated on his wife. In fact, it was after he had an affair with a lady that he collapsed on his way home. And my cousin actually asked us to calm down. No woman will see her husband in this kind of pain and not act swiftly to see him get well. She’s been pushed to the wall, and she couldn’t take it any more. We should ask our brother what he did to her. And this, my cousin, is one woman he trusts to tell her anything.

 It seemed like my cousin had this fourth eye to see deep into situations, and I had to believe her. At some point, she only asked him to apologize to his wife; only then would he start healing as he should.

 We took him to a mental hospital, and he was certified okay. But he was getting worse. He went back to his base, and his wife asked why he came back. Truly, she contributed greatly to the success of my brother, and if he was going to be a liability to any of us, I doubt if he’d get the kind of attention he was getting. All through his treatment, it was his money we were using to treat him.

 I followed him back to his base, and his wife was so bitter. I had no choice but to apologize. A few days later, I left them.

 The shocking revelation came when a clergyman who knows nothing about my family told my elder brother something that shocked us all to our bones. Everything was accurate. He said my brother had a stroke and all. The wife had manipulated the children into hating their father. The first son doesn’t ask after his dad’s wellbeing. The daughter, who was caring, began to behave like someone who was insane.

 I was on my way to my elder sister’s house to get more details when I got involved in an accident. It was bad, but thank God I’m alive.

 I can only say that my brother’s wife did all she did out of frustration. And I blame my brother 100%. I’m a woman, and seeing a fellow woman like me go through this wasn’t fair. I just hope she forgives herself and my brother. It will be a tough one because, truth be told, my brother hasn’t been fair to her, and I’m tempted to say he deserves all that has been happening to him even though he’s my blood.

 As for what the clergyman said, I’ll get back to you when I get the full details. I only decided to share this after seeing your post yesterday on Facebook about offending good people.

 The bottom line is that, just like you rightly said, we have to be careful with the kind of people we offend. Not everyone forgives, and even if they do, the elements fight for them in some way. We all have to be careful, sis. I honestly can’t say if she went to see a herbalist(she’s not one) or prayer to God at night.. it’s confusing.

 I hope anyone who reads this gets the message, but people never learn from other people’s experiences.

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