Comfort Ishaya Mshelia’s views on “Behind every successful man is a foolish woman”. Funke Felix Adejumo

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Comfort Ishaya Mshelia is a ghost writer, copywriter, an affiliate marketer and a content creator. You get value from her page on social media as she’s blessed with some uch wisdom. Her post alone inspires you to bring out the best in you. I do not see her as a motivational speaker(smiles) but a woman of valor, not a virtuous woman. As she exhibits the traits just from her post. She prefers to be addressed as the Inner Epitome of Beauty. She’s also a Character Transformation Coach. Know you know why I called her a woman of valor.

It takes one with deep understanding to understand  certain post on social media. When I saw the caption, I was going to counter it but after reading through till the end, understanding peace and the need to add value to your partner(applicable to both husbands and wife) is the ultimate. It’s not a competition.

Let me not bore you with long epistle but wisdom is the principal thing. A win for one is a win for the two.
Her views below.

Behind every successful man is a good woman.

Another version is
“Behind every successful man is a foolish woman”. Funke Felix Adejumo

Men are fighting the first statement as a result of EGO.

I heard a preacher, saying things to counter the first version in favor of men, and I felt like he was trying to cause division in marriage.

There is a lot of information flying, take your time to filter the ones you consume.

We have so many preachers, identify the ones preaching and practicing the scriptures before you allow what they say to sink deep inside of you.


Well, I strongly agree with the second version.

Let your impact as a woman be felt to the point that the man can not deny it wherever he goes, and even if he does, result has an aroma, it announces its presence.

You are not supposed to be behind him but beside him.

Again, beside every successful woman is a good man.

As a man let your input be felt to the point that that woman can not narrate her success story without mentioning you.

I see great men and women doing fantastic stuff with their partners fanning them. They have dealt with their insecurities and have realized that one person’s success is for both of them.

Why should you fight or downplay the place of your partner when the Word says two are better than one?

Why should you frustrate the effort and contributions of your partner since it is said that two shall chase ten thousand?

It is no longer marriage but a competition that is unhealthy if you pretend not to see your partner’s effort no matter how small you think the effort is, it still makes a difference.

That your success can never be possible without the peace of mind you enjoy.

Do you think you can function without peace?

Maybe you can. But for me, whenever I am tense I lack inspiration and the focus to do things right.

Peace is not cheap.

Whatever it is your partner does, learn to acknowledge it, it goes a long way.

Marriage is for unity, understanding, forgiveness, love, peace, joy, and so on.

The EGO is there to push you to do greater things and not to torment your wife and others around you. Learn to balance and define your pride.

Jama’a mu zama masu godiya mana🙏
(My people let’s be grateful people)

When you start practicing gratitude consistently, you will never take any gesture for granted.

You will enjoy the beauty of life
You will put an end to too many expectations
You will unveil the hidden potential in your spouse.
You will trigger more performance
You will achieve more
You will live longer.

This message is brought to you by👇
Comfort Mshelia


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