Kogi state: blessed with wealth of natural resources, least developed.

Kogi state……Despite having a wealth of natural resources, it remains one of the least developed nations. You might be interested to hear that Kogi State must be mentioned in order for Nigerian history to be considered complete. This is story for another time.

It is one of the six north-central states, having been founded on August 27, 1991, by the military regime of General Ibrahim Babangida. One of West Africa’s most exquisite palaces is found in Okene, a state that borders 10 other states, has 21 local administrations, different languages, and several indigenous dialects, and beautiful historical and cultural history that a lot of people are yet to discover.

You may also find it interesting to know that Kogi has enough coal resources to supply Nigeria for at least 400 years. The Ankpa local government region, which is thought to possess a store of coal that, if harnessed collectively, can generate energy continuously, is one of the coal-rich locations of the country, according to research.

Nigeria, which already struggles with electricity supply in some or most areas of the country, is not a country that would hear about this and continue to be deaf to it. It is ironic that a country can have a state that can address its problems, but nothing is done about it and the state’s officials don’t exert enough pressure.

With a volume of about 647 million tons, the limestone deposit in the state with the greatest deposit is estimated to last for roughly 45 years. Dangote, who has the chance to invest in the state by taking advantage of its natural resources and boosting the national economy. The Ajaokuta iron-steel firm, which was thought to be a potential engine for Nigeria’s industrialization, is currently inert.

A state with at least 30 commercially viable mineral resources, such as crude oil, coal, bitumen, magnesium, gem stones, iron ore, columbite, cassiterite, tantalite, limestone, marble, clay-mica, silicon, dolomites, and tin, not to mention our agricultural products, such as cocoa, palm oil, cashews, groundnuts, maize, cassava, yam, rice, and melon. In some ways, the state’s educational system appears to be in fine shape. Since when does having access to natural resources make a place cursed?

Imagine if Kogi state is in one of these western countries.

The media only shows us the negative events that occur in the state. It appears that a struggle for political dominance is taking on. Instead of working together to make the state function, the majority of them appear to be acting bewildered like the state.

There appears to be disagreement even while the so-called agenda saga continues. Where a divided home produces the desired outcomes, I’m yet to see.

Almost everyone is forming and making crucial claims. What good is the pointless drama if one cannot point to the state with pride as something to be proud of? No offense intended; Kogi and Enugu states were established in the same year, but the state is quite developed in terms of referring to the road system and other factors. While Kogi State and Kogites appear to have the wrong priorities, every state has its share of problems.

When there is a lot of work to be done, chasing shadows is completely pointless. The state needs to be far better. The last time I visited Lokoja, the city didn’t resemble a state capital.
Each kogite is equal in value. Whatever our political opinions, we require a functioning state.
May the most deserving person win.

Godspeed to Kogi State,
Godspeed to Nigeria.
From a loving native of the region who is concerned.

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