Dear Mimie, I never stopped cursing them.

No matter how hard you scrub the leopard’s body, the spot won’t disappear.

The husband of my older sister is a wealthy businessman with boys working for him. Up until he invited the devil’s incarnate to his home, everything was going according to plan for him. His stepbrother (Eddy) was the manifestation of this devil.

Before bringing him back home, he learned from villagers that his brother had been convicted of being a notorious armed robber and had been given a twelve-year prison sentence without his knowledge. He had completed four years of his sentence. My brother-in-law’s catastrophe of a brother pledged not to revert to his former ways, so my in-law pushed all the right buttons to ensure that his brother was released.

In the end, they They both eventually returned to the north. He then had to learn the trade that my brother-in-law practiced. His years of apprenticeship were up, therefore my in-laws made the decision to settle him.

Some competent masters even rent out shops for these guys in advantageous locations, outfit them with a few items, and then give the boys the remaining funds to spend however they like. Most of them were expected to avoid wasting the money that had been granted to them.

Eddy stepped behind him to persuade the landlord to give him the shop since he was prepared to pay for it while the setup was going on. He acquired two shops in this way.

Mimietalks:Don’t tell me that he took from his brother because it seems to be a tendency..

Babes, calm down! I wished he’d taken anything from my in-laws. This child maintained contact with his group. Their main sources were from a few major roadways. Then they began targeting affluent regions, including the place where my sister lives. Unknown  to us, this child and his group had looted homes in the neighborhood, yet he maintains an innocent demeanor.

The remainder of the cash my brother-in-law provided him and the earnings from their business went toward stocking up his store. Since the store was too large for a starter, people were in awe of it. It was at least as large as the shop of my in-law’s.

The latest operation wasn’t a success, thus his actions ultimately caught up with him. Unknown to him, one of them was captured just as he thought they had all managed to flee. Criminals are never allies. They always put their own interests first.

The unfortunate person who was in detention called him while appearing cool and inquired about his location, asked him not to move an inch as police were out there searching for them. Unknown to Eddy, a gang member was assisting the police in locating him so they could pursue him.

He was eventually caught. Interrogations started, and he dragged his older brother, who had gotten him out of jail, into the whole ordeal. My sister and her husband had to go on a trip, though. When these vile policemen came to pick me up, I was by myself in the house.Imagine being interrogated and pressured to admit to something you are completely ignorant about.

I refused to back down and reiterated the same thing. We were all unaware that he had resumed thieving or even that he even owned a gun. I personally couldn’t accept that he was attempting to link my sister’s spouse to the allegations. I have some acquaintance with this dude.

My sister’s husband had returned, too. I received bail. We had no idea that the drama would soon begin. I’m unable to confirm whether some of these police officers had information about the husband of my sister or whether they had obtained information from Eddy in order to demand money. One in civilian attire entered the home to inquire about the whereabouts of my sister’s husband. After he introduced himself, handcuffs appeared.

Without conducting a proper interrogation, he was treated like a common criminal. Because his brother claimed the pistol belonged to him, he was branded an accomplice. His younger brother was not yet ready to be completely honest. Additionally, oga police were requesting five million naira from the spouse of my sister in order to dismiss all accusations. He assured them they wouldn’t receive any money from him.

They had no idea that the policeman who threatened to deal with my in-law was being recorded. His superior warned him and expressed his regret for everything.

This event led to an appropriate start to the investigation. People in the village responded to a call and confirmed that he is a good guy. The criminal’s file was sent to the authorities here by three other stations when they started asking for it. When others started calling them on behalf of my sister’s spouse, they eventually became uncomfortable.

Entering the police’s custody without paying something is practically difficult. Then, he left for home after paying 100,000 naira.

Regarding myself, I’ve never ceased cursing them for the suffering and disgrace they caused. I should be paid something, if nothing else, but this is Nigeria, where occasionally the law is above the law.
I really hope that Eddy stays in jail or prison.

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