Dear Mimie, I lost my cap.

Everyone adored and wanted to own the cap I had that suited me so perfectly, but this cap won’t budge from my head.

One of the greatest men anyone could ever hope to have was the one I had. He was the epitome of a spouse that the heavens had planned to send my way. I’m at a loss for words to adequately describe him.

In my entire life, I have never been in a long-distance relationship. I had no concept of what it was like to be in such a relationship. Despite the fact that I was performing just as well as he was, he was performing far better than I was. You understand what I mean.

I was transferred to another state. At work, everything was going smoothly. Interaction was possible. The only thing that had changed in our relationship was the distance, which was killing me. Yes, we were able to work around that.

I eventually lost interest in the whole ambiance. At some point, his itinerary got so packed that we were unable to see it. The only conversation I had throughout the day was, “Babe, can I call you back? I’m currently engaged in something”.

I was aware of his potential for busyness, but I’m not sure what led me to cheat on someone I was already engaged to. As we have already completed our introduction. Determining the day of our wedding was all that remained.

I refused the interest of a strange man who expressed it. I mentioned him to my work bestie, who advised me against it because I was busy planning my wedding and trying to return to my prior location. I turned a deaf ear to whatever my work bestie said, but the residents of this village were extremely adamant in their support of me.

I had no idea that my fiance was being informed by eyes from all directions that I was having fun with several guys, but he made the decision not to pay attention to any of them. He interpreted it as a plot to sabotage the occasions we both anticipated.

I should have quit, but I felt compelled to continue. However, I believed that my boyfriend had placed so much trust in me that he had stopped listening to anyone else, giving me a free pass to carry on with my immoral behavior.

My work bestie would frequently challenge me, asking, “What if Dee was the one cheating on you?” What would I think of that?

I have the advantage of stopping all the silliness I was getting up to with these two guys because he isn’t paying attention to the stories that were genuine.
The worst was about to happen. I engaged in unprotected intercourse with both men in my vicinity. It turned out that they both knew one another, and they started talking about me. One of them learned that I was already engaged but had remained with my ring in my purse. My fiancé was getting overwhelmed by the news. To validate his assumptions, he took the time to come meet me.

I was so ill when he arrived in town that I was unable to move. I thought the stress from my job and other factors were to blame. After we got there, a doctor examined us, I explained my problems, and a blood sample was taken. Maybe I would have chosen something else, which I don’t know what it is, if I had realized the outcomes would be disastrous.

Guess what?. I was confirmed pregnant . I’d like for it to end there. Given that I intended to end the fight, it was simple. because I intended to abort it in order to preserve our relationship. It turned out I had HIV. How this evil could have happened so quickly puzzled me. I never imagined a day like that day, not even in my wildest dreams.

The fact that both of them denied being the baby’s father makes the situation worse, and the fact that I don’t know who the virus-infected me is makes it impossible for me to reveal who the baby’s real father was. In my prayers, I asked for my death.

I lost a nice man that way, Mimie. The headgear that fits the best—my crown—was stolen. Oh, yeah. In a span of five months, all of this drama occurred. I regret not paying attention to my work bestie. I’d want to say that I’m holding the body.

Despite the fact that stress led to my miscarriage, I continue to believe that my immune system will be able to fight off the infection. I simply wish. Dee couldn’t say a word. I knew we’ve never be together again. I sent messages asking for forgiveness. I didn’t want him to turn to a beast.

I’m not stalking him but the last time I heard about him, he had moved on and was in a relationship with another.

How do long-distance couples actually manage?

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