Dear Mimie, I hope mercy smiles on my uncle soon.

A lousy wife is the worst thing that can happen to a man, and a bad husband is the worst thing that can happen to a woman. I can only speak for my uncle; I am unable to speak for the woman with the nasty spouse as my wife is an answered prayer.

He helped found one of the most well-known Orthodox churches in northeast Nigeria (name withheld). My uncle was so kind that, aside from the days when hunger struck us, his home served as our primary residence. Lol.

Returning to his wife, I once referred to her as the family’s living core witch. What type of woman goes around destroying connections within such a vast family? It’s incorrect because to witness peace among the populace. She didn’t withhold meals from any of the houseguests, which was the one positive aspect of her. Whatever it was, we all ate till we were satisfied.

No matter how long it took, this woman would do everything it needed to tear you down. She would begin by accusing you of all kinds of absurd things, and some people who are aware that you are incapable of carrying out her accusations would yet take her word for it. I want to think that she has a special technique for hypnotizing people.

She is top notch when it comes to hatred. Since my parents divorced when I was a very little child, I have known this woman. I devoted himself to his mother in the same way a son would. Due to my perception that she was a better mother than my own biological mother, I spent a portion of my first paycheck on Hollandis for her before buying anything for my mother. I cohabitated with this person.

My father became hostile toward me as a result of this woman, and years later he called to find out why. He wasn’t pleased with what he was hearing about me, and this madness has been going on for a while. He couldn’t comprehend that this woman was malicious and requested me to confront her to stop talking nonsense about me; otherwise, he would do it himself. Recall that I previously stated that my uncle is a clergyman? Despite the fact that it is not convenient for him, this man has raised and created people.

By all rights, we should be swarming into and out of his house, but this time it’s the other way around.
Everyone is staying away from him because of his awful wife, just when he needs them the most. His children are also useless because they are unable to assist their dying father at this time. Before leaving his job to pursue ministry, this man was a licensed nurse.

By chasing his, let’s call them, foster children, this woman managed to ruin his life by having a negative attitude. She is the mother of two married children. both male and female, yet they are unable to provide for their aging parents in any practical ways, and it is heartbreaking that my uncle isn’t receiving the proper assistance.

Personally, I don’t want to interact with his family because I no longer want to be the target of systematic attacks on me and my family. She never stops disparaging me, even at this stage, so I feel as though I have earned my keep. Only history will judge her for the sacrifices she made for this family.

She has damaged my uncle, but that isn’t enough, and despite all of this, she won’t stop. Typically, a person who is basking in the benefits of her efforts to find tranquility is still on the lookout for danger. anyone she knows to experience.
She is so unaware that her kids aren’t succeeding in life, and it is obvious that the devil has made the kids stupid so they can’t understand that their mom is the reason they aren’t succeeding.

The only person I am currently concerned about is my uncle, who has nothing to show for the many years he has spent working in his vineyard, and the others who should be with him right now but are unable to do so because they fear for their lives due to the unknown threats that lie ahead.
I pray that mercy looks upon him before he breathes his last. More depressing is the fact that he doesn’t recognize anyone.

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