AMVCA doesn’t need a cosmetic surgery category in the next edition.

The recently ended awards appear to have a wrong priority incoming. Why is there a connection between multi-choice and cosmetic surgery? Honestly, it doesn’t matter how much effort someone has put forth to get their bodies worked on. Is this a new way for women who are insecure about their bodies to perish or merely a new technique to make certain women who are already insecure about their bodies feel even more uneasy?

On stage, Miss Universe 2019 and South African model Zozibini Tunzi’s co-host, Nigerian media personality Ik Osakioduwa, made the announcement. I’m curious as to how it sounded in his ears after he was done speaking. I suppose the inability to know what to do led to it.

I apologize to those who underwent cosmetic surgery; it does not in any way merit recognition. Ladies with naturally attractive bodies who avoided surgery should also be recognized if cosmetic surgery receives recognition.

Many Nigerians, I’m sure, are not pleased that some actors received accolades that they did not deserve. Some deserving actors received nominations and victories in the recently held African Magic viewers’ choice awards, while others received nominations for films of average quality.

I’m still having trouble understanding how Anikulapo, the film that received the most criticism, was selected as the best overall entry while the main character went unnoticed or unrecognized. It indicates that something is dodgy. It’s possible that Kunle Remi discussed it in the past, but But even though Kunle Remi claimed that a male producer wanted to have sex with him and he declined, we, the viewers, need an explanation for why he wasn’t nominated or even recognized.

Since it is entirely up to him whether or not to accept, I don’t believe that should have any bearing on him. What about Nse Ikpe-Etim and Chidi Mokeme? Please give flowers to deserving actors.

The Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award might need a new moniker.

They better deaden the talk of cosmetic surgery. What economic value has it added to Nigeria?. There’s no need for that category, instead other brilliant categories should be introduced.

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