Dear Mimie, my wife almost ruined me.

Is it accurate to claim that I regret everything? Since I have to care for my girls, I sincerely don’t want to keep injuring myself.

There was a lady I was interested in marrying at the time, but she wasn’t ready; she wanted to finish school, most likely serve her country, and find employment. In my home, she would undoubtedly feel at ease, but she wasn’t prepared at the time. Mr. might have avoided these headaches if he had been given a little nudge.

Unfortunate to say, the woman I met led a really difficult life. Her “exposure” is a little bit greater than mine. She was very well-known by everyone. I refused to listen to my family’s objections to me marrying her. You know, no one is flawless. So I proceeded with the wedding preparations. Eventually, we tie the knot. I got her accepted to a federal government university and provided for her comfort by getting her a ride.

What’s this? She remained the same and continued to talk to her boys. I shrugged. I’m not claiming I was flawless; I had my flaws, but her flaws were intolerable. Who among men maintains his composure when witnessing his wife talking to her ex-boyfriends? I did! Do not describe me as weak. I explained myself to her. I warned her about it as it went on.

Although she has access to my phone, I am unsure of her password. She would make friend requests to women she thought Message them on Facebook if i have anything in common with them. They’d mostly pass her by. I keep myself quite active.

I had individuals I was taking care of before I married her who weren’t my kin. I was buddies with one of the guys whose sister worked in my electronics store. I suggested that she be given a job at my place of employment because I knew she had a degree. She said, “Even the person who gave me the job has never requested sex from me,” to someone I know who wanted to harass her sexually.

When he was angry, he started telling my wife all kinds of lies. The same individual for whom I assisted in obtaining employment with the company where I work for. To believe that she was considering how to attack.

Before her case, jealous coworkers had made multiple efforts to end my career, both physically and by cunning tactics. The plot was made overheard by a coworker, who then informed me about it. Even the assassins who were hired to kill me changed their minds about the job and decided to let me go because they thought I was a good man.

God! I made an effort to visualize the entire situation in my thoughts, but I was unable. I already thought of myself as a dead man, but I’m still here, thank God.

Returning to what I was saying earlier, the man became furious and pledged to deal with her. He went to my wife and revealed to her that I was having an affair with this particular lady, and he also made other derogatory remarks about us. Since my wife had access to my phone, she called my HR, and before I could say anything, she had arrived at my workplace and was causing a commotion.

She complained to HR that I wasn’t caring for her and brought up the fact that I allegedly paid the lady too much while we were together. Payroll for the personnel fell under my purview. Since my reputation was already in the muck, my entire world came tumbling down. For this woman, I go above and beyond just to see that she is satisfied. I do not wish to discuss how frequently I have jeopardized my life in danger for others.

Forensic auditors arrived as inquiries into the company’s finances got underway. I was suspended for four months while all of this was going on. Your first thought is probably, “I divorced my wife.” No!. As I previously stated, if your enemy can’t get you, he or she will try to get you through your wife, and if they succeed, that’s it.

She is the type of person who will not accept responsibility for her mistakes. When she stopped receiving payments from me, reality hit her hard. She called the people she thought would donate money to her, but the terrible thing was that it wasn’t happening. Madam started to act properly after I had to correct the record this time. .She once started going off on one of her usual rants, and my daughter, who was only about three years old, stepped in between us and told her to leave her father alone. For me, that moment was priceless.

I simply want my name to be put out of this whole mess, even if I don’t get a call back. Before I married this lady, I had been employed by this prestigious company for many years. I find it hard to comprehend all of my efforts and years of dedication being for nothing because my wife was willing to be used.

I made every effort to combat the depression that was unavoidably starting to set in. When my older sister saw me, she was unable to contain her tears. I became severely underweight. I was forced to Inform others who were unaware of what was going on that I was trying to lose weight. What happened shouldn’t be audible to everyone.

Even though I was hopeful, I had a business in another state that I could fall back on in case I didn’t get a call back. Even though there were simply too many hazards for me to handle.
I persisted because I wanted to give my young, innocent daughters the greatest life possible. I was able to continue pushing because I kept thinking about them and the folks I was assisting.

I was exonerated after the investigations were finished. All charges were untrue. Money under my management was directed in the appropriate way. I know what’s going through your head (laughs). I was put on leave. and I was asked to report back to work.

I returned to my workplace to wrap up all the formalities for my return, and yet another tragedy occurred. At my place of business, my management messed up my money. Just a few months after I returned, a company that was beginning to acquire traction was destroyed. I had to retrace my steps.

The good news is that my life is still intact; I am working again and running a successful business. I really want to enjoy myself to the fullest right now. get out with friends, both male and female (something I hardly do; you already know that), and my wife is powerless to stop me. All I have is a one life to live.

An unclouded conscience is not afraid of being accused. I’ll say it again: I’m fine with my girls loving me.



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