Dear Mimie, ever seen a useless father? Meet mine.

You’ve heard the expression, “There’s nothing new under the sun”? Yes, that is accurate. You may be wondering why I find it sad that my father is the most ineffective father there is. He only did one positive thing, which was to have sex with my mother and bear us. It’s a sad tale, baby, but I’ll pull myself together and say what I can.

My mother claims that when this young, attractive man entered her life, she was a little girl who was staying with one of her elder siblings and helping to sell food. Most individuals initially felt uncomfortable with the fact that he was getting close. He was cautioned to keep away by her older siblings. The alleged love, however, persisted in pressuring him to get closer.

In care of him was my mother. After receiving her first diploma, she was intended to enroll in college. It didn’t occur. A region of Nigeria where my mother is from seems to be known for its propensity for culinary occupations. She was driven to Minna to reside with one of their sisters by her older brother, who was furious. My mother was or still finds these young men distracting.

Oh, yeah. She is still with Minna, whom my dad managed to track down. Who among rational women would end up like my so-called father, if he hadn’t charmed her, people thought? My parents got married after she gave birth to my elder brother, which is how my parents came to be. Consequently, my mother didn’t continue her schooling. Uncle O and my father have not gotten along in a long time. In his position, I wouldn’t even wave at my father.

My dad is so abominably lazy, Mimie. He merely desires a stress-free life. Yes, the head of the household. Nobody can deny that my mom was practically in need. She was responsible for paying the rent, tuition, and other household expenses. When I look at her, I sometimes find myself wondering what it was about this man that drew her to stay with him to this day. I am unable to act in such a way in the name of love.

My father has a degree in both gambling and the draft. He eats at my mother’s restaurant when he is hungry. He uses any earnings for his own maintenance. Sincerely, I don’t think he’s a good father. I observed my mother’s efforts to raise us and see us through school. Nothing was lacking for us. I suppose that’s why she didn’t care all that much—her business was doing incredibly well. My dad lives in a house that she also built. I’m not suggesting it’s terrible for a wife to support her husband’s development, but there’s no purpose if he’s just not useful.

I occasionally wish my dad could be more like other fathers. I respect fathers who are in charge of their families. He wasn’t ready to start working, so my mum purchased him a car to use for business. What’s this? Nobody could explain how much money he makes. He instead uses it to buy his girlfriends things. Funny how some ladies handle having jobless males in their lives.

No one can visit us and remain with us peacefully. Even when visitors arrive, he manages to make them feel uneasy. When my ailing uncle visited us, he made things miserable for him. He has this casual demeanor. He is entirely concerned about himself. Already, his demeanor is making me sick.

He isn’t my father in my eyes; I merely share his name, which I intend to alter as soon as possible. The most frustrating aspect is the fact that he will be present at my wedding as my father. Nothing was done for myself or my siblings by this father in terms of our educational pursuits. If he doesn’t decide to reform and behave appropriately in his future life, she will always be a better father than he will be.

Tell me whether you would truly want a father like mine. As I mentioned before, the only positive outcome was that he discharged his sperm into my mother, who later gave birth to all of us. In that respect, at least, I can say he was fertile; in all other respects, it is utterly nonexistent.

I won’t hope that anyone else’s father will be anything like mine. Anyone shouldn’t be proud to discuss him. When my schoolmates began bragging about their fathers at the time, I felt genuinely horrible as I stood by and observed them. I can still recall telling someone he was deceased. That terrible.

It would be a complete disaster if I were to wind up with someone like him. While I’ve been writing this, my mother has been in discomfort as the results of the previous, arduous work she put in due of the nature of her business are starting to show on her, whilst my so-called father is in good health. I wished I could return the hurt to him.

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