Two great kingdom giants shutdown the biggest indoor arena in the United Kingdom.

The biggest indoor arena in the UK was shut down for Jesus by the apostle Joshua Selman and Nathaniel Bassey.

The largest arena in the United Kingdom has 21,000 seats, which is not breaking news. As Jesus is still engaged in doing miracles, it was closed for Christ without a charge or donations. It’s amazing how the money was raised without charging admission. I suppose my countrymen would destroy them if there was a charge.

Funny how some individuals still object despite their being no admission charge. There has been some discussion on this from people who should know better but will never have anything useful to offer the world.

Some appear to have been designed to to find fault with anything that is good. They can scarcely produce when asked to perform a task that is similar to what they condemn. Online and offline, there are many objections. Nothing will be affected by their pointless objections.

A person feels that in the church, the emphasis is on success rather than Christ’s impact. Now, if you ask this person to engage in street evangelism to spread the gospel, he will respond that he wasn’t called to the ministry.

One believes the hype is unnecessary(really?). This guy claims that Christianity is now measured on accomplishments, so it is not a huge issue because we have larger crowds in Nigeria and it is not being pushed. And I inquire, “Precisely what should it be leveled on?” even the author he has accomplished is viewed as a success by the cosmos.

More devout individuals will condemn everything as vanity and condemn everyone. Please permit visitors to these sites to take in the atmosphere quietly. What is actually worth celebrating in church?

Some people will still celebrate in spite of all the pointless drama that has been created in an effort to support worthless claims because it requires greater grace to bring the gospel in spirit and in power to a foreign place as a foreigner.

There are many issues that people are confronting, and neither a gospel nor a circle gathering can be relied upon to bring about a change.

Sincerity dictates that there is no purpose in criticizing others, especially when they are progressing while you are simply left without compensation. Even the vocalist Portable won’t follow some People do it.

The body of Christ deserves congratulations in either case! I’m hoping for a change in lives. Being exposed to Apostle Joshua Selman’s teachings, particularly when it comes to in-depth knowledge and spirituality, cannot help but transform you.

Nathaniel Bassey must be brought up in order to properly discuss worship.

Aside from that, some people are still taught to mind their own business, especially now that May 29 is quickly approaching. let’s concentrate on the focus. There should be difficulty in closing the arena.

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