Will the president-elect be sworn in on May 29?

Numerous disagreements have occurred, as evidenced by various facts, will president elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu take the oath of office? Many Nigerians believed the elections were rigged, which is understandable given that they wanted a new president because they believed the outgoing administration had neglected security and other crucial issues. It is not amusing that the country has a high level of debt.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a dreamer who aspires to the title of “President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” has turned a deaf ear to all criticism leveled at him. He seems to be saying, “I’ll still be president no matter what; it’s my turn.

There were many reasons first given as to why Bola Ahmed Tinubu shouldn’t be president. He was, is, or appears to be ill.

Mr. President-elect, whose election many Nigerians, including his opponents, believe was rigged, thanks to scientific advancements that always improve human life. What about the Muslim-Muslim ticket, which was against the law and is prohibited by the constitution of the country?

He recently returned from a medical trip to restore his system, but that is no longer news. Poverty is unfair; money is good. He allegedly underwent life extension therapy, which came at a cost of several million dollars.

He has so far shown strength because he appears more fit than a that it was a few months ago. His trembling hands have subsided. On the day of the inauguration, he’ll be in good shape.

The majority of Nigerians still desire dynamic leadership, like to that of Chief Olusugen Obansanjo (I hope you get the picture). Some residents are very cruel. Who calls a president “rechargeable”? (That is unjust to say of any person.)
Some individuals think that given his track record in administration, he will perform well.

His hands are capable of carrying out the necessary tasks. But because they didn’t elect him, angry Nigerians won’t be interested in hearing about his program.

There is no way to change the reality that he will be sworn in because this is Nigeria. With the exception of the system’s desire to prove us all, Nigeria is not Ghana.

Nigeria seems to be both what I will do and what will prevent me from doing it. Although there are people like Prof. Nneka Oti, who gave the people their mandate, the inauguration is only a few days away.

Without a doubt, Nigeria will prosper, and “we” wish the leadership success. But in my nation, people are not afraid to reprimand misbehaving individuals. As a result of agony unleashing the beast within them, this generation of coconuts doesn’t seem to be afraid of anyone.

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