An eagle’s eye is needed in Rigasa community.

Apparently, taking the train over there has been one of the nicest things that has ever occurred to the community. Apart from that, a check is required due to the wicked acts that flourish there. from a variety of crimes through molestation to rape.

That axis continues to produce many ugly stories.

The actual story is probably not told on television; it is most frequently heard on radio. Some individuals banded together against Elrufai, accusing him of being anti-religious, as he sought to stop the practice of young children loitering on the streets under the name “ALMAJINRIC”.

Elrufai’s hands being tied in this regard is regrettable. These children are vulnerable to a variety of hazards, … molestation by some of their guardians, who are still at large after committing such crimes. The amusing part is that I have yet to see a wealthy man’s child who has been sent to another state to study discipleship wandering the streets of that state. Some serious inquiries would tell you the truth. Those children were indeed sitting on a time bomb, as a veteran soldier once said.

Such horror is not something that any child should experience. Children who live with their parents and experience emotional abuse end up reflecting their parents’ background.

It takes a gracious touch or a strong determination to turn these wanderers into assets for themselves or the community, a country. Some people are fortunate enough to receive assistance from complete strangers, helping them finish their education.

Think about how painful it is to penetrate  an adult for the first time, not to talk of these children. However, because young kids can hardly take care of themselves, some of them don’t receive the necessary medical care after such activities.

As some of the patients start to have maggots coming out of their anus, local herbs, including lime, are sometimes used to treat them by women who are knowledgeable about the treatment.

Local security organizations within the community are doing their best, but even if they can be terrible at times, they still need more help.

Some youths in the area engage in rape as if it were a lucrative business. The most shocking involved the deathly rape of a pregnant woman by two young males. Young children and the elderly are not safe, either.

Since you need to board a tricycle once it gets to a specific hour in the evening, the community’s residents safety is in danger. From snatching of victims valuables to inflicting injuries on them.  There are many terrible atrocities committed there that must be stopped.

Parents need to take responsibility for their kids and should not encourage terrible behavior in them. Some even assert that money can fix any problem. Since they have representation, we must be understanding of the government’s limitations.

An eagle’s eye must be kept over the residents of Kaduna State’s RIGASA axis. Salute to the few who are working to keep the community secured for humans.

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