Killing a daughter for rituals by a mother gone wrong in Lagos state.

Once again, my gender has done it. How does sex with the dead work for people?

The worst kind of mother is one who has horribly failed to teach her children the beauty of laboring with dignity. She would take the necessary action and refrain from destroying the lives of these adorable kids if she truly wanted to be wealthy.

I am aware that some witches will sacrifice their offspring in order to advance in their kingdom. We are given access to their confessions. Either they pass away afterwards or life deals them its own cruel blows. I’m still having trouble comprehending this crazy acts.

I don’t like to discuss menstrual cramps because they can be excruciating. Anyone who hasn’t experienced labor and delivery can only speculate on the stories being told and the experience that results. For some or most women, it’s a near-death experience. Mama “Abrahama,” you’ve done it again.

Worry should be expressed due to the rate at which extreme poverty drives people to act inhumanely. Even if we keep criticizing the government, we don’t need to wait for it to act to solve our problems. Young people have made courageous decisions to better their own lives. Today’s technology has made it possible for a huge number of legitimate, successful enterprises to operate online, and it’s working for those who know how to use it.

It will worsen and eat away at us like cancer until we start pursuing serious legal action against these scammers. Stop defending these adolescents with justifications. I published an article a few weeks ago regarding concerning mothers’ worries and phobias over sons. I had no idea that particular topic would come up again.

Can we stop putting undue pressure on the men who do have a feeling of responsibility in general? As long as they’re not slothful, I’m confident they’ll see benefits right away.

Would the people they cheat be able to collect the money they do simply to lose it to one avaricious person if they were as lazy as they are?

Due to the Lagos State Police Command’s efforts, who caught them during a stop and search operation on the Itamaga-Ikorodu Road in Lagos State,

I genuinely have no idea from where they derive the fortitude to put up with such onerous requirements in order to make money. How do they enjoy sexual activity with the dead? To find someone who has done it and can share his experience with us, I suppose.

It will take time for the authorities to stop these fraudulent practices. But it can be cut back. If human life is involved, it is a complete waste of money; how can we be sure that they will be at peace? Even worse, if you’re caught by the law, your wealth is completely wasted. All these events took place a day ago.

Here is the story:

My Mother Gave My Sister Poison To Drink, Asked Me To Rape & Suck Her Vagina For Ritual Purposes

A 29- year- old notorious yahoo boy, identified as Amos Olalere, has confessed to killing his younger sister with help of his mother for money ritual purposes.

The suspect was apprehended by detectives of the Lagos State Police Command during a stop- and- search operation carried out along Itamaga, Ikorodu Road, in Lagos State.

During interrogations the suspect said that his mother asked him to kill his younger sister after a herbalist told them that he has to sacrifice one life which has to be a sibling to him for ritual so he can succeed in his yahoo business.

The young man said ” My mother took me to a herbalist who told me if I want to be successful in the yahoo business, I will have to sacrifice one life and that person must be my sister which ilove so much.

After hearing from the herbalist it took me months before I could carry out the act were my mother was also encouraging me to kill my sister so they can be rich.

My mother planned the entire incident, by going out to buy a poison which she will put in my sister’ s food.

The herbalist also instructed that i must sleep with my sister, suck her vagina after she was dead then threw her into the river for the ritual procedures to be completed.

The connived together and carried out the act but were arrested along Ikorodu road on their way to dispose of the deceased’ s dead body.

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