Dear Mimie,I didn’t mean to disappoint my sister again.

Dear Mimie,I should’ve used protection.My sister was not the one I intended to let down.Never in a million years did I think I’d become a single mother, but here I am.My older sister, who was in Kano, was working hard to get us through while I remained in the village wasting away.

Living in the village, my parents were indigent. I suppose my father’s advanced age played a role in his illness. My  older sister made sure she looked after us all by herself. For her efforts, I must commend her. She was the male child my father never had, or rather, she was more of a son to my “useless” elder, and she was still strong despite carrying the load alone.

My older brother also lived with us in the village. He only wished to have an easy going life. I will identify any man who despises stress if you can show me one.

When a particular brand of motorcycles arrived in Nigeria, some years back,my older sister purchased him one for 65,000 naira that was in fair condition. She had hoped that he would spend the money on himself and make a small contribution to the family. He was always on my older sister’s thoughts since one day he would be the family owner someday. My brother was not acting responsibly despite her instructing him how to. He ultimately lent the motorcycle to a different guy, who used it, bought his own motorcycle, and then returned it in terrible condition. My sister made the trip to check on us was the village. The bike was a long way away when she asked for it, and it was.

When she informed my mother she would bring me along to register for my SSCE (Senior School Certificate Examination) and then continue from there, she was set to walk out the door.

I’m in Kano State at last, Mimie. I was advised by my older sister to act properly and make an effort to honor both her and myself.
While counting weeks, the days were passing. There was this young boy, who was serving his master, whose identity will not be revealed, who lived in the-same house with her. He would always troll me. He was too close to me, and the other neighbors didn’t like it. About it, my sister was informed.

Again, she warned me, but I disregarded her advice. I was committed to getting what I wanted.

To conclude, without any protection, I had sex with his guy. My older sister didn’t realize I had been gone for four months. She brought me to her doctor after noticing I was ill. I had  my blood sample taken when we arrived. The result was positive.  The doctor was lying, I foolishly told my older sister.

That day, I took a thrashing I’d never experienced before.

Upon arriving at our house, I gestured toward the father of my unborn child.
He refuted it, as usual. Since we couldn’t settle the case at home, we all landed at the police station.

Unbeknownst to me, the father of my unborn child made arrangements with five other boys—whom I’ve never met—to serve as witnesses to their respective sex acts with me.

I felt angrier now. I was driven back to the village by my older sister, and as a result, since I decided to not to be useful to myself she said. I skipped my exams. I put a lovely baby girl to bed.

You might be thinking that I stopped doing something unnecessary. Nope. I once more accepted a different man. When my sister heard about it before she arrived in the village , she opened a store selling supplies to help us, but my elder brother destroyed the store.

My baby girl was already four years old when my older sister came in the village. She took her with her when she headed back to Kano state.

After noticing how lovely she was, my supposed baby’s father started making plans to kidnap my child from my sister, involving his mother. Neighbors got to know, and they informed her.

My sister went to the Mopol barracks,reported the case, and made sure he was detained for two weeks before he was bailed. Before he left the premises, a restraining order was placed.

After they left the barracks, my sister took some officers to the person he was serving and asked everyone connected to him to stay clear of my baby girl. In less than a week, he left for Lagos, and that’s how my baby girl was saved.

I’m not proud of my actions; I can’t help it. I hope my sister will forgive me. At some point, I made a mockery of her. I told her how jealous she was of me because she wasn’t pregnant. Hey! My sister wasn’t married then. It was stupidity for me then. She has always wanted the best for us, but we keep failing her. I’m sorry!

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