A single man secures the evacuation 270 Nigerians from Sudan.

Few weeks ago, the chief executive officer of Air Peace, Allen Onyema dispatched his pilots and crew to rescue stranded Nigerians students in Sudan amid the war going on there..the good news is this that the first batch of 270 students has arrived at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport in Abuja just as the 1.2 million dollar-sponsored evacuation of Nigerian citizens is still underway and the Nigerian government is busy calculating how much they have already spent to evacuate students in Sudan. They didn’t ask other tribes to disembark from the buses as has been asserted, despite the Nigerian government’s denials that Igbos were specifically urged to do so in Sudan. So what was their reason?

Additionally, this has demonstrated unequivocally that the Air Peace plane did not purposefully ask other tribes to disembark.It was a blatant illustration that no tribe is superior to another.

I’ll be sincere, one can’t help but wonder what kind of rulers have been in charge of us for the past eight admirable years. It would seem that more souls should be wasted, not just via physical death but also through various means that could influence some residents to make poor judgments that would have a long-term negative impact on the nation. These men’s moral compass appears to be dead given their advanced age.

There are some credulous Nigerians.Humanity isn’t about ethnicity now that this first group has arrived safely in Nigeria.In the same situation, I would assert that ethnicity should play a role in effective leadership.Instead of taking the necessary action, there are now more and more dreamers who want to be known by a specific title.Oddly enough, nobody is claiming that the evacuation had anything to do with the “obedient movement”.We’re hilarious. How we preach about oneness requires investigation.

With all these financial dramas involved, what exactly does it take to evacuate citizens? Other nations have evacuated their citizens, but we are still waiting to learn how much it cost them. We frequently hear in my country that money was spent effectively even if we might not get to see it. I imagine that they would have some money in their accounts.

I don’t want to think that the first batch’s evacuation has anything to do with the 1.2 million dollar budget, as has been suggested by someone.

Then again, why should the state of origin be taken into account when evacuating?Perhaps it’s for data collection, but why would you ask some of them to remain behind?

Thank God for protecting the crew member and the initial batch’s safety. I hope the others also make it home safely.

Men like Allen Onyema who understand that service to humanity is a privilege and honor are rear. He keeps thriving.Nigeria can still work and I’m so hopeful it will.

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