Advocate for rising influncers- Iyanya.

I really enjoy meeting with Impacts. People and priorities matter, unlike the lady who is commemorating the anniversary of Burna Boy catching her bra.

As the new minister of female affairs and happiness and an advocate for rising influencers, I don’t believe you owe us much explanation. But, as Nigerians, we must do our part to avoid being dragged into filth.

The sight of you two is stunning. We don’t know what this deed meant to her. But, come to think of it, this Florence lady is rumored to be in a serious relationship.

Aside from being depressed due to her cousin’s cancer, what would make her want to find happiness in the arms of another man? If she was completely content in her relationship, I doubt she’d be looking for someone else to assist her get out of sadness.

Let’s flip the script now. Would she have acted calm if she had seen her man with Ayra Star if he was also depressed? I’ll let you answer that. Nonetheless, I support removing good men and women from careless partners. To think she damned the consequences.

I could be incorrect; she probably wanted to relax with someone else. As Iyanya has already stated, we must all relax. I’m sure his explanations will irritate the majority of us.

I pray depression does not strike her again. At least we don’t have to lose a beautiful soul to suicide. Congratulations to both Mr. Advocate, an upcoming influencer, and Florence if fate had it that they will construct something lovely. I really wish them well. Dear Florence,we await your beautiful contents. If I were here,I wont say a word. I don’t joke with helpers of destiny. His wanting to help her might be harmless,if we look at it from another angle.

His Twitter explanation is below.

 “You all remember how it started 2 Sundays ago when I sighted an amazing girl at Davido’s Timeless concert. She was eyeing me throughout my performance , I couldn’t forget her beautiful smile and I tweeted about it.

“Luckily, Florence reached out, I tweeted her picture and I asked my team to reach out to her, while her conversation went on with the team, we found out she has been depressed and only came for the Davido concert as a way to make herself happy and my team asked why she was depressed and she told us one of her close relatives had been battling cancer, when I was informed I felt like it will be nice to give her a treat in lagos.

“I had my team contact her and make plans for her to come to Lagos so I can help put a smile on her face. Life is too short not to spread kindness.

“When Florence arrived Lagos on Saturday. I was not in Lagos, I had events in Calabar and PH respectfully.

“When I came back Monday afternoon. I headed to Sliver Jetty and spent the afternoon with Florence on a boat cruise. She’s amazing guys. She has dreams of becoming an influencer and I want to help make that happen.

“To assist Florence on becoming an influencer, I got her a brand new iPhone to make this easier and create good content. Watch out for Florence, she’s going to do great things.

“NB. I only met Florence for the first time on the boat and my team dropped off at her hotel, I didn’t bring her here for any other agenda but to make sure she was happy after all she’s been through. Thank you all and keep supporting the movement.”


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