Is ethnocide becoming a reality in Nigeria?

Nigeria appears to be a place where ethnic cleansing (ethnocide) is a reality. I’m concerned that you seem to be having trouble locating any reliable information online. Asides museums, I was hoping the internet would provide some answers I needed.

How many of us can boast that we understand our culture so well as a nation or as a collection of people who come from different ethnic backgrounds?

Is our right to cherish, advance, and spread our own culture and language being restricted? Our exquisite cultural legacy is slowly being lost while we stand by and do nothing.

When I was an undergrad, we worked on some projects that required interacting with locals (we visited villages to learn about their ways of life), and throughout the process, we’d ask questions.

After the advocacy visit was finished, the villagers in one of the communities we visited for development communication showed us around and taught us what we needed to know.

The eldest man we encountered, who I would describe as the guardian of their cultural heritage, told us tales about that neighborhood. They would always send us back to him for clarifications if we had questions. Along the way, I realized we had a stunning cultural heritage that could be maintained and used as a tourist draw.

The community is sadly losing its cultural values, which is a terrible development. I’m unable to say whether someone is prepared to  fill the old custodian’s shoes or to protect what they already have.

In the same way, I guess it’s happening in other towns. I’m concerned since I can’t find any historical images online regarding a particular ethnic group. Should I claim that inter-tribal and cross-married marriages, the influence of western education, and ethnocide are causes of this? What takes place when language-independent couples wed themselves? The young people are now in a condition of confusion. For these children, learning English proves to be a blessing. Cross-marriage or intertribal marriage may occasionally not be a factor. Inter-tribal marriages have occurred where the wife is able to converse in her husband’s native tongue, but they prefer to raise their children in English.

What about forgotten knowledge? Cultural performances aren’t varied enough.I am aware of a particular tribe in Nigeria that is unable to find out what their traditional attire is. It’s very bad they allowed their ideals to decline.Rejecting diverse cultures, agencies providing social services disregard cultural diversity. These could be a contributing factor.

Are we neglecting the fact that allowing our beautiful cultural legacy to disappear makes the future less dynamic? The generations worth of expertise are no longer in high demand.

Exactly what? This might provide a solution to the issues our country is currently facing. Each culture has its own particular perspective on the world. How many of us can recognize our culture and speak about it without feeling uncomfortable? As the old customs and heritage start to fade, we are progressively losing our identity.

Tourism is thought to aid in preservation, however its unfavorable impacts have resulted in the exploitation of natural and cultural resources, the eradication of historical sites, and the deterioration of our environment.

It’s high time we began bringing it up in the educational arena in order to raise awareness. Cultural gatherings of all kinds should be welcomed by the public. The moment has come for Nigerians to return to their origins and repair what has been lost. We shouldn’t give up on our exquisite cultural legacy just because we have become more civilized. Your interest will be piqued by the fact that industrialized nations like China, India, and Japan that adopt their cultures are far superior.

Some of our people put forth a lot of effort to ensure that we reclaim our wonderful cultural legacy, but it doesn’t seem like they get the visibility they require. A group effort is being made to recover what has been lost, not just these specific individuals.

We saw the movie Wakanda, which perfectly captures Africa in all its splendor. It displayed a highly developed society devoid of illnesses, devoid of poverty, and devoid of the “isms” that afflict other civilizations around the world. Although colonialism was trying to manifest itself, it was not given a chance. Without sacrificing our culture, we can still be Nigerians and benefit from technology improvements. As a nation, we must respect our culture and customs because they are crucial.

Our lovely cultural heritage must be revived.

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