Chase a career or marry rich?

Most people would prefer presume that this question is specifically for women when it is posed. Both virtues are impertinence, despite the fact that some people find it rather difficult to respond to this issue.

Some people believe that a wealthy spouse is a depreciating asset because attractiveness and good looks wear off over time. Since they are thought to be depreciating claims, they must be moved out of the way. Some people didn’t necessarily choose to be single; they simply enjoyed their work and didn’t seem to have much time for social interactions. Some of them think that being in a relationship hinders success.

From a different perspective, it’s preferable to concentrate on your work because, if you have a reliable source of money, it’s simpler to concentrate on other things, like finding the ideal companion. Money is necessary for a good life, I won’t forget to add.

The world has changed significantly, and some men now want to wed career women since they are less dependent on them. She controls her finances and makes her own decisions.

In light of the fact that I want to pursue my job, I believe both (marriage and career) should be given equal weight before deciding on one. Well, some people would have very good reasons for their decisions.

Here are some responses to the query from a few people even though the rest find in difficult or answer or indifferent about it:
According to Anthony Edet, “This rocks differently for everyone. Being wealthy or having a successful career alone do not guarantee a happy marriage; the inability to strike a balance between the two is also a deterrent. Have you considered those who had wealthy spouses but divorced them, or those who pursued careers but became unhappy mothers or fathers of children?

I’ll pursue my job, become wealthy, attract wealthy people to me, pick a wealthy, attractive person, and wed him, said Tamar Tanko. Only wealth attracts wealth.

According to Ebuka Okonkwo, this poll has several levers. Age, gender, and even motive can influence a person’s choice. In Nigeria in particular, choosing to follow a vocation may not always be motivated by a desire to be skilled in a certain field but rather by a lack of opportunity to engage in other noble endeavors.

Thus, one of the factors contributing to the large number of persons enrolling in a program to take trivialities courses. Having a wealthy spouse makes pursuing a job easier. The cost of pursuing a job is real. It is a blessing to have someone sponsor such an endeavor. Why not then? Go for a man if you can find one who is willing and able to pay the costs. But for many people, choosing a job is done so in order to make money—often their sole or main motivation. There is no need to acquire a career if the partner is already wealthy. He spoke.

While I agree with all of Ebuka’s remarks, I tend to disagree with his final statement. I can’t imagine quitting my job because my boyfriend is wealthy. For the benefit of the next generation after us, we must create some riches. The final line might be accepted by some and be viewed as acceptable. What do we rely on an event of eventuality?

It’s not simply about husbands helping their wives, in my opinion. What about wives who assist their husbands in reaching the pinnacle of their professions? (I have heard lovely tales of such deeds.) In other words, not just women should wait to meet a “rich man.” On the other hand, if the man believes he can advance professionally with his spouse, I believe he should choose her, especially when she has a lot to offer.

Nevertheless, some of us continue to struggle with choosing between starting a family and having fulfilling employment. I don’t see myself giving up my profession for marriage, even though I do want my spouse to be financially secure (it’s one thing I usually pray for when I finally find out who the lucky person is). We’ll need to find a happy medium.

What do you think about that?
Let’s hear your views..

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