Air peace to the rescue

While we keep beating ourselves up about pointless problems in Nigeria, some people are demonstrating to us that Nigeria can still function and that we don’t always need to wait or depend on the government. We can regain the glory we once held, ensuring that the sacrifices made by our forefathers weren’t in vain.

It has been widely reported that the affable Chief Executive Officer of Air Peace, Mr. Allen Onyema, has dispatched his pilots, crew, and aircraft to transport stranded Nigerians in Sudan out of the nation amid the ongoing civil violence.

The irony is that he is from a Nigerian ethnic group that has recently been persecuted and whose members’ lives were in risk. Yet he didn’t believe Recall that information. The Nigerians who are stranded likely come from other regions of the country in addition to their ethnic group. Shamefully, the government still hasn’t taken the necessary action to save them.

What would initially drive Nigerians to Sudan if Nigeria were functioning as it ought to? How will they affect the economy? To the nation, my apologies. Nigeria has the potential to succeed, but our leadership keeps moving us backward and putting the needs of the people at risk. I say this from a place of grief.

We sincerely hope that the evacuation process goes smoothly and that they return in peace, as the name of the company, “Air Peace,” suggests.

Suppose, at this point in the We certainly have a long way to go since even in the twenty-first century we still behave like barbarians and let ethnicity, not just religion, control us. It is a disgrace and a waste of intelligence if your favorite or the leaders of your tribe are incapable of carrying out their duties. Intelligence without action is stupidity.

It only takes one person to make the correct decision, and Mr. Allen, a fellow Nigerian, gives people hope that our nation may once again function even when they are considering traveling to the Niger Republic for a rest if the commotion becomes too great.

We keep yelling that we are everything, but we just keep driving ourselves crazy. This, however, is a subject for another day.

Allen Onyema is blessed by God.

Gratitude to Air Peace

The Federal Republic of Nigeria is blessed.

from a concerned citizen, with love.

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