He already formed a dark weapon for himself.

It was one of these random days when my friend sent a message to tell me someone liked me. He’s serious and wants to get married.

I wasn’t moved or impressed because all these connection things don’t really work for me. I told her. She persuaded me to give it a try. I never can tell. I asked her to send my number to him.

She told me a few things, and along the line, she mentioned he wouldn’t want me to know he’s boxed up. (bullshit). Do I look like one of those hungry Lagos girls?

I tried to play along, and the first conversation didn’t go down well with me. Some people think that because of my age, I’d rush into marriage. I’m thirty-plus, no doubt. I didn’t wait this long to settle with an idiot.

He introduced himself and said he wanted to get married by December of that year.
I introduced myself and added that I wanted to get something more meaningful done with me before marriage.

I guess he was shocked. Along the way, I had to caution him. Our generation is funny. Divorce means nothing to some. So if they are not comfortable, they’ll opt out.

I made him see the reasons. It made sense at first. He decided to help me search out online academies with scholarships so I could go into what I had a passion for. I was going to give the relationship a try, but on the condition he comes to see me first. I work from Mondays to Saturdays for a toxic company.

His work was demanding and quite flexible. He could just take one week off of work to come see me since he works from home. We kept dragging it out. He finally decided to come over. He already told his aunts, who lived in the same state as me, about it. They wanted to see me, and I declined. He claimed he told them no.

He invested in the company I worked for. In the course of our conversation, he told me about his plans to go for his Ph.D. He didn’t want to go single but married. (It sounded shady to me.) I asked if he needed a marriage certificate or something, and he said no. I jokingly said I’d be his escort.

I noticed our communication was dropping. something that wasn’t so strong from the beginning. For me, I’d rather we build friendship and communication before anything. It makes the whole thing easy.

I’d reach out once in a while, and then I stopped. I hate stress. We are adults, please.

One day he called to tell me he lost his phone and had lost my contact. (smelling lies). You lost my contact, but you could view my status, and it’s not like he asked my friend for it.

Meanwhile, he asked my friend’s husband about me. He went as far as going to my friend’s house to do more research. He was pleased. only for him to turn out to be something else.

I didn’t know the lady who recommended him, who happened to be my friend’s sister-in-law; both had something before he got my contact. I honestly don’t know why they’d use me to test their strength.

He asked if my friend had told me anything, and I said no. Was there anything he wanted me to know? He said my friend would tell me.

Now, that was a cowardly act for me. Be man enough to tell me what you feel I should know, not from a third party.

I asked my friend, and she told me we’d talk extensively about it when we met at one of our friends’ weddings.

The wedding was here, and we met. I played with her baby. And we began to talk after we were settled. Guy said he wanted to marry her sister in-law. They’ve been friends, and he feels she’s the only one who can understand him. In fact, the introduction was going to take place in January.

I asked why he was trying to lead me on. What was their aim? What stupid drama just played out? I was really pissed. I insulted him. I was going to call him that night, but instead, I deleted and blocked him on WhatsApp. So I won’t deform and mend someone with my mouth.

I was angry with my friends because they didn’t have to wait until the wedding day or before to tell me. But then, it’s not their fault entirely, so I can’t fight them over a man.

The wedding was over, and we all went back to our various locations when this buffoon called to lie about his missing phone. He lost my contact, but he could view my post on WhatsApp. I didn’t know WhatsApp had advanced to that point.

He began with the whole I didn’t look for him or check on him. I asked him to spare me all that trash and go straight to the point.

Morale failed, dude, and he was beating around the bush. I began to help him, and he began to talk. My anger was due to the fact that I had to hear it from someone else and the fact that he and his silly girlfriend had something; why did they drag me into it?
Why was he leading me on?

I read out his chats to me, and he couldn’t justify anything. He wanted to turn it against me. It was there that I opened fire for him. You don’t want me to unleash the beast in me.

People like you are the reason people become bad. He didn’t want to be classified as one of those guys, but eventually he was. looking so innocent, confused, and stupid.

Wait! You don’t see me as good enough for a wife, but you want us to be friends. Why? How?. I told him never to repeat such words again.

As it stands now, we don’t know each other.
We are not friends.
We will never be friends.
He should run if he sees anything that looks like me or bears my name because I’d embarrass him.

It was his audacity to tell me he’d come and see to make up. Oshe…..makeup artist or teacher/lecturer.

By this time, I’ve unblocked him. I made a post about people forming weapons that will work against them after my friend told me about the breakfast her friend was served. He was getting married and still wanted them back.

He saw my post and posted “no weapon formed against me shall prosper.” I dropped mine. You can’t win me with a status fight.

I deleted and blocked him everywhere. I no longer belong to that school of thought that says, “Don’t delete them; allow them to see how you glow and they’ll regret it.” I don’t need anyone monitoring my life.

The marriage happened, and sorry to say, they look sad, even with the so-called money he has. My sister said, “You don’t know what God did for you.”


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