Achraf Hakimi,not a hero but an alleged rapist.

How do you commend an alleged rapist for making the correct decision to purchase homes in his mother’s name when his wife couldn’t defend him in public and is now being closely watched by the court? Some of you see nothing wrong with the rape case. Can some of you stop being hypocritical? If he were to be married to you any of your sisters, heavens will fall.

He should have married her because mothers are priceless.
Just be aware that Hakimi is a classic example of a mama’s boy before you all start to celebrate him as a smart man. Is he truly as skilled at chess as someone has claimed?
You should be aware that Foreign  law is not the same as Nigerian law. Be certain to understand that he will pay dearly for any damages.

Be aware that Spanish actress Hiba Abouk is married to him and has sons.
He might consider changing his name because their case is still pending in court,to another name, he would still pay.

For one child and two children, the foreign child support percentages are 17% and 25%, respectively. Hiba clearly has a shot, even though the prenuptial agreement was his only hope. If not, the judge would compute his wages as of the date of their wedding.
Some of you who are delighting in his alleged wisdom are beyond redemption. Is hiding wealth really that simple?

Additionally, keep in mind that utilizing your parents’ names as a cheat code is not a standard; if it were, most famous people would have done so long ago.

Hakimi will still pay a significant amount of money even if this is the case, despite how much his gender wants it to be true so that males can stop paying women in divorce settlements(not the amount she desires).

It appears that some of you are still unaware of the fact that getting married to one of these powerful people overseas is currently the biggest lottery in recent memory, especially for women, especially when the country is developed. Another way to extract gold is through marriage.

He would undoubtedly pay a significant amount ordered by the court regardless of how much wealth he has in his name, even though some people hide their assets to decrease their compensation in the event of divorce.

If truly he’s your hero, you should follow suit. People who wouldn’t give polite response to their parents or take care of them are ranting . He’s an alleged rapist. Before you clap for him, hope you’re not the type who can’t be accountable to his mother when she ask you questions. Funny how it’s a problem when ladies buy properties in their father’s name but applaud Achraf Hakimi.

Developed countries are not lawless.

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