Some facts about Kegel exercise.

In cases of stress incontinence, particularly after childbirth, the kegel exercise is a typical method. How the workout was developed…Specialist in feminine problems, Dr. Arnold H. Kegel. A patient first came to him in 1940 to complain about what he considered an uncomfortable issue called “urinary stress incontinence.” She listened as he described how one in twenty women had similar problems to hers. This occurs when the bladder is full, causing an uncontrollable urine leakage that might be triggered by a laugh, a cough, or a rapid movement; as a result, women with such difficulties had to wear protective pads. It’s really embarrassing, especially if you haven’t figured out the answer yet.

This difficulty could be caused by weakening muscles; surgery was the treatment at the time, which supplied relief that is momentary. He suggested she work out her frail muscles. He continued by explaining that this muscle ran between the legs like a sling from the back. It is strong and broad. The lower trunk and the pelvic floor were formed by it. It served as the foundation of support for the womb, part of the rectum, the birth canal, and the bladder.

He thought that in women, three passages—the rectum, the birth canal, and the urine canal—penetrate this muscle to empty the outside body. Childbirth could harm the muscle because the birth canal goes through it and is strongly related to it.(Before you question what a woman can offer to the table, read about a proper understanding of the female body.) A weak muscle could indicate poor urine control because the urinary route is supported and kept close by strong muscle.

She proceeded with the activity after deciding to agree. She was OK after two months, therefore surgery wasn’t required. She had to confide in him after gaining control over her bladder, and during their first orgasmic encounter in their fifteen years of marriage. Wow!  For any woman, that is the apex.

Initially dubious, he began to worry about the potential mechanism after hearing the same thing from ladies to whom he had given the exercise advice.

Even though his entire body of research is rather strange, he eventually He discovered how to work the PC, which is known as PUBOCOCCYGENS and is pronounced “pyoobo koi-sijeus.”

He gradually devised a method for strengthening and exercising the PC. His work was able to continue after a clinic was established by the USC School of Medicine in 1947. In 1948, his work was recognized with the Los Angeles Obstetrical Society’s annual prize.

Although he had not been particularly interested in sexual issues, he felt compelled to look into the sexual aspect of his findings. He started taking referrals for women who had experienced unsuccessful sex at his clinic from the American Institute for Family Relations of Women.

Also, keep in mind that some primitive and oriental people have observed the requirement for such physical control and strength and taught young women in that regard. Some cultures have remarked that due to the stretching or damage to the birth canal, poor sexual performance is made worse after childbirth.

Exercise for the PC muscles has a variety of advantages:

It enhances a woman’s ability to give birth, manage her urination, lessen back pain, and raise both husband and wife’s enjoyment of sexual activity. She can also remove a lot of the pelvic congestion by continuously tightening the PC muscles fifty or more times, he added, if she is unable to experience orgasm at any moment.

His chart of kegel exercises for six weeks shows:

in his six-week chart of kegel exercises,

Week 1-10 contractions per session
Week 2-15 contractions per session
Week three: 20 contractions per session
Week 4-30 contractions per session
Wee five to 40 contractions per session.
Week 6-50 contractions per session.

Men, especially those over fifty, can benefit from kegel exercises. As men get older, their muscles also start to loosen, which can make it difficult for them to keep an erection or regulate their urine leak. Researchers have found that men can greatly benefit from consistent sphincter muscle exercise in both situations.

I sincerely hope this is beneficial to you.


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