The director’s PA.


The movie industry is not for the weak. I won’t be wrong to say it’s worse than politics.

I went for an audition and was told I’d get a call back. The project was a collaboration of two sectors that I won’t mention.

I was called upon by a different person who asked me not to go to the auditions to be the director’s PA. But then, I was taught in school that, as an actor, I must attend auditions, so why is OGA telling me not to attend?

I accepted and gave my own conditions. I got a fair hearing. Work was about to start, and the director was looking for his PA. I got a call and went to see him. I told him I wasn’t given a room in the hotel, so I left. He was all official. We didn’t like ourselves at first, but eventually we got along.

I was professional with my duties. I got special treatment. He’ll be like, “My PA goes where I go.” Even though he gave me this mean look

We began to get along when a particular scene got him pissed—he wasn’t getting the characters he wanted. Being a perfectionist, he said he wouldn’t shoot.

He stepped aside, went to the minibar, and began to smoke. I asked if that was the best way to cool off. He said he was an occasional smoker. In fact, only when he’s pissed.

We talked about it, and he was calm and amazed. He said he didn’t know I’d be a nice person. I was still professional even though I bullied him at some point.

Being the director’s PA, some felt I was blocking them from gaining access to him. Lol!

People began to pick on me for no just cause. It’s not like I shared the same vision with most of them; the least I did was greet everyone I saw and passed. When the director didn’t need me, I was always on my headphones. A prominent actor looked at me and said he knew what I was trying to avoid, but then, people will still talk. So, I should just be me and mingle. I smiled and thanked him.

Days went by, and I heard two guys wanted to beat me up. I confronted one of them, and instead she told me what I wanted to hear. He said he’d make sure I was out of that set. The second one approached me and told me he knew nothing about the rumor. We were cool.

I told the director to get another PA, as I was going to leave. That was the first time he saw me cry out of pain and anger. He held me and asked if I still wanted to work in the industry. I nodded. He asked to brace up and develop a thick skin because the worst would still happen in the future.

Besides, no one will dare touch me, whether he is in the state or back in Lagos. The cinematographer gave me his words too. The assurance was all I needed to be safe. It was that moment he told me something about himself and I laughed so hard. He’s a tough guy you know.

Before that, I got a threat via messenger from someone who told me a girl was planning to leave. I came, and the director wasn’t paying attention to her.

Lol..the director in question is married. So why fight over him? These and many more made me want to leave, but on second thought, I stayed. She reported me to anyone who cared to listen. An alliance was formed against me.

The welfare girls told me, “Aunty, since you came, a lot of girls have been restless.” “The fact that you’re beautiful and the director’s PA made it worse. Please be careful”. I thanked her. Someone else also told me I came with these intimidating looks the first day of camp. Like, a lot of girls wanted the PA thing, but they weren’t called.

Well, I really got along with the director. He wanted a picture of us, and I declined. He marveled at my behavior. He said I was different. I told him I wanted more than just pictures.

He smiled. To make matters worse, he’d hug me when those who were picking on me were present and say stuff like, “This is one of the best PAs I’ve ever had.” He’d buy food, and we’d eat together. We got close, and some were hurt.

The so-called AGN couldn’t defend me. The entity that asked me to do the PA job was against me. He said girls were being raped. And he heard I was sleeping with the director.

to think that I was in the same hotel with him. Did I become a witch to fly overnight to his room to have a threesome?

According to him, he said he was told that she made out with the director under the tree in an open place. Hey! Let’s be serious here… When did all this happen and I wasn’t aware?

I remember going to my friend’s wedding, and someone called me on Saturday night to tell me he was disappointed in me. He just saw me came out of the director’s room. Meanwhile, I was far away in Otukpo in Benue state. He was shocked. Monday morning, they saw me walking in and were shocked. The rudeness predominant in me was out, and I went straight to the director and hugged him.

He screamed, “My best PA is back!” I miss the tea and coffee you make for Me. I’ve been starving. I told him I was here already. Nobody could say a word.

Well, the controversy continued, and many people didn’t want to work with me because of one greedy fellow as I was told. My name will be struck out when there is a film to do. Only three people defended me, including an officer whom I have called crush till date.

Truly, man is man’s enemy. This is another reason why the entertainment industry in that part of the region won’t grow.

All through the days on set, Aaron and the sound guy were so helpful, cheering me up.


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  1. Hmm, life continues and must be rough. But you need to be strong as many are underground working for your favour…


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