The reality of immortality- Charles Awuzie.

Charles Awuzie said he was raised as a pastor with a scientific mind and that science is a gift of study and nature. He also encourages Christians not to hate science because it is the only field that studies the greatest gifts of life: nature. He noted that you don’t have to die as a mere man when you were considered to be a god in the Holy Scriptures. As usual, his posts have a way of making one want to seek more knowledge about certain things and question the facts of life. One interesting fact in his post is the fact that he mentioned ovarian rejuvenation, which seems to be more appealing to most women as some have shared their experiences on childbirth. You can’t follow his post and not have an orientation of something new. Here is what he has to say and his Easter message to Christians:

Towards A World of Empty Tombs: The Reality of Immortality…

It’s Easter morning and I want to say Happy Easter to all my Christian followers.

Easter is the celebration of an empty tomb and I can’t help but to think that someday, Easter morning will be the celebration of Empty TombS – the age when humanity shall triumph over death, diseases and ageing.

I was raised a pastor with a scientific mind… I preached my first sermon at the age of 9…. I studied the entire bible cover to cover many times from a young age…. And I can tell you authoritatively that the soul of Christianity is IMMORTALITY.
Scriptures like “He came that you might have life and have it ABUNDANTLY”…”with long life, you shall be satisfied”, “He died that you may live”…”your youth shall be renewed” etc all speak of one thing – a world of Empty Tombs.

I’m grateful for Christian leaders like Nigeria’s Rev. Chris Christian of the Locust Army International whose books and messages over the years have dwelt on the reality of Immortality. He was scandalized by some religious Christians when he declared that we are IMMORTALS who are ignorantly dying like ordinary birds of the air. If life brings us on the same platform again, I will tell him that Science, which is the study of the gift of Nature, has advanced towards making Immortality a Reality. Ovarian Rejuvenation can now cancel out Menopause. Stem Cells Therapy is solving several life threatening conditions. Cellular rejuvenation is going mainstream. Ageing is under scientific attack. One day, our children or children’s children will wake up to a world of Empty Tombs – and death Through diseases will become optional. Accidents will be limited because A.I self driving cars with precision will replace our current transportation systems. The future is filled with advancements.

This Easter, I encourage Christians not to hate Science because Science is the only field that studies the greatest gift of life – Nature.
Scientists are not acting God, no. They are gods – if you read your Bible, you will discover that Yeshua said “Ye Are Gods….but unfortunately, you die like mere men”. You too should awaken to your creative dimensions – the god dimension. When you awaken to this realm, your thoughts will no longer be ordinary and you will begin to scientifically process the reality of Immortality.

As we celebrate One Empty Tomb today, remember that the dream is to celebrate MORE EMPTY TOMBS.

My name is Charles Awuzie and I wish you LONG LIFE AND PROSPERITY as we move closer towards a world where death will lose its Sting and Easter will remind us of the victory over Graves!


Happy Easter you all. May the reason of this season be reflected in our lives and I hope we realize that we are gods and live as one.

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