She took a stand-Charles Awuzie.

I’ll once more present Charles Awuzie’s perspective on Korra’s accomplishments and her religion.

The bold are favored by life, and that is what happened to Korra. His opinions will continue to be controversial, as always. Is Charles Awuzie, however, entirely correct in his assessment of Korra’s choice and its result? Congratulation to Korra in the interim.
See what he says below.

“Korra – the true story

Warning ⚠️: Do not read if you are religious 🙏. Be holy and pass this post.
If you dare to read on, your life will change after this long post. If nothing changed, I’ll refund the data you wasted on this post.

If you are continuing to read, it means that you have evolved beyond Religious Sentiments. Now let’s go:

Recently, 31 year old Anita Chukwumfumnaya Obidi, also known as Korra announced her purchase of a $1.6 Million home in the USA. Many people celebrated her while others doubted her. The doubters couldn’t understand how dancing on social media could fetch her the millions in dollars to afford such property. I laughed because they are blind to the fact that social media fame opens new doors to wealth and power. You can argue it but like I advised you, take social media seriously.
When you see some of us sleep and wake up here, selling ideas and ideologies, enduring insults from people who wouldn’t normally have access to us, know that we are not f00ls. The real f00ls are those who think that talking bad against Influencers will reduce them, no – it increases their influence. But that’s not the focus of this post…

Do you know that Korra was born into a deeply religious Deeper Life Family?
Deeper Life Church is the most Religious church in Nigeria.
When she chose her dancing career, her father didn’t support her because of their religion. They were struggling as a family while Korra was carrying their destiny inside her talents which couldn’t be expressed in Nigeria due to her Deeper Life religious background.

Some of you reading this are carrying the destiny of your family but religion is your biggest limitation. You have crazy ideas but you are considering what your Church people will say.

But Korra took a decision to EVOLVE beyond religion…

She took a stand against her own family …

She took a stand against her own religion…

She took a stand for herself and explored her Truth…

Today, millions of people around the world know her…

She makes millions from YouTube, Facebook etc…

She has brought happiness to her father and community…

Above all, she is living her dream life. You can’t hate her or love her, but you can’t ignore her.

You can call her names, but if you can’t afford a tithe (10th) of her new home, you have nothing to say about her….

Everyone who is achieving success on social media today did something that Korra did – BE DIFFERENT.

The problem with many p00r people is that they are afraid of being DIFFERENT.

If you want to succeed on social media, you must be different, break barriers, evolve beyond the status quo and serve YOUR REAL SELF UNEDITED. Emphasis on your real self.

If you are broke in this generation, I have no pity for you – chances are that you are living within safe boundaries. The day you break those boundaries and evolve beyond your background, that’s the day you will lift your back from the ground.

I’ll close with this – Korra had to change her name from Anita Chukwumfumnaya to Korra to avoid people linking her to her Deeper Life Family background.

I know some religious people who continued reading this post despite my warning will be like “she lost God to gain the world”😂 … My question to you religious souls is “do you hold the register of people who are with God and those who are not with God?”. Leaving Religion doesn’t mean losing your spirituality. Korra is a better human than most of your Religious leaders but this is a talk for another day.

For now, I want you to decide to evolve beyond your religion and live your truth and like Korra, live your best life outside the box. Religion is a box – think outside the box.

If you have crazy but legal ideas that could create wealth for you but you just couldn’t execute the idea because of your Religious persuasion, you are now set free to birth those ideas.

Be free to say things you couldn’t say before… Be free to think out loud without fearing what others will say – that’s how to grow your social influence, by being authentic and free.

My name is Charles Awuzie and I love Korra.

Let’s hear your views about it.

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