The boy child..a rising concern.

Years ago, raising a girl child was a challenge for some parents. The thought of her growing up, missing opportunities like education, and becoming wayward was and is still a challenge. But the fears of parents, especially mothers, have increased over the years concerning the wellbeing and behaviors of the boy child.

The rate at which the boy child wants to lavish money at such a tender age calls for worry. A boy of fifteen to twenty years old who is not working will want to put on an original Gucci brand, etc. They want to have some money to squander and show off.

For most of them, hacking people’s social media accounts is something they can do within seconds. No matter how hard you try, sometimes you lose your accounts to them. Some of these boys have gone as far as being fetishistic just to have money in their hands.

They have so bought the ideology of “school na scam.” What do we expect when the educational sector has failed woefully? A young child finishes secondary school quite early, and he spends years at home before gaining admission, thereby turning him into a prayer point.

The painful part is that they don’t have any sense of investment. They squander it on clothes, which make them look very crazy and unfortunate. Telling lies to cover their tracks is not an issue for them. Whether you believe it or not, they’ve told you the truth.

What about the fact that they harm themselves with drugs and smoke weed to get inspired? Heaven knows what they spray on themselves, so you don’t perceive the smell of whatever they smoke. Well, someone might say they use perfumes. I doubt.     You see some people acting so slowly in everything.

Social media is really having a bad influence on them, and we can’t stop them from accessing it, as they must look for a way in like rats. The lies they tell are irritating. I honestly don’t know why they pressure themselves unnecessarily. You need to see them when they run out of cash.

If you decide to turn them over to relevant bodies for help, I doubt if they’d get all the necessary help. If you turn them over to the police, no comments.

Before you want to blame the parents, just remember that the child belongs to everyone, so you too can correct a child when the child is wrong. However, they have gone wild. They can answer anybody without fears.

While I was growing up, the discipline was totally different from what it is in this present generation.

How do you want to skip one step to get to the 100th step in a roundabout way?

The fears have moved from the girl child to the boy child. How do we keep them from being useless to themselves and society at large?

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  1. How do we keep them from being useless to the society? Hmmm
    So many in the society including the older generation applaud these fraudsters. They call them smart, sharp etc for stealing from hard working individuals. It’s so sad.we all have a long way to go.God help us☹️


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