Celibacy in marriage?

A “nice lady doesn’t act as if she enjoys sex,” according to an outdated Victorian myth, is nonsense. Really? This is total s**t. Remember that celibacy during marriage is difficult before you let this sink in.

There will undoubtedly be issues when sexual illiteracy is present in the lives of people, namely couples. The marriage is actually in danger of being ruined. Relationship and marriage counselors have frequently discussed how to make homes lovely even when things aren’t always ideal.

Is it accurate to suggest that the lack of sexual compatibility is the main cause of divorce?
What other factors, besides domestic abuse and the financial crisis, could cause couples to get frustrated with one another?

Our Creator didn’t just create sex to facilitate reproduction alone.

It was intended to contribute to a state of excitement and fulfillment.

A devoted, sexually receptive woman might be beneficial to her husband. Are you shocked by this assertion?

It’s unfortunate to report that some women genuinely subject their spouses to sex starvation by placing restrictions on them.

I read a woman’s account of how she believed that only sexual activity was intended for reproduction. With her, her husband was patient. When that happened, he started to turn his head outside. He would continue try to flirt with her, but she would reject him.

Hello, just because you had a child with your husband doesn’t mean that he won’t leave you. It will eventually reach a point when there is no turning back, and divorce will be the only option. There’s no need to phone a friend or family members,when it happens.

To our narrative again. After her husband had left, he eventually gave her divorce papers. She had already lost to another lady when she received the necessary support and therapy, thus it was too late for her.

Now, this wife was unaware of her husband’s wants. His ego was wounded, and he began to feel worthless. Allow me to add that he wasn’t content.

The fact that sex is no longer a taboo subject in the modern world just makes it worse. A man who has undoubtedly tried and tested various forms and sizes would anticipate that his partner will perform better.

Dear couples planning to be married: be to know your partner’s sexual drive as well as you do their disposition.

Understanding our wives’ sexual motivations could help to calm some domestic turbulence too.

What does sex (or making love) really entail for a man?

  • It satisfies his arousal.
  • It completes him as a man since his ego is connected to his sexual urge.
  • It strengthens his devotion to his wife. Nobody ever gets injured by a love syndrome; instead, there is mutual gratification, especially when the drive is satisfied without making him feel guilty.
  • It lessens hostility in the home.

Men are also responsible for sex denial, not just women.

Dear males, you should also realize that making love to a woman completes her womanhood. Because women have a huge capacity for accepting and giving love,

  • it reassures her that she still loves her husband.
  • Her sexual urge is also satisfied by it.
  • She feels calmed down by it. When correctly completed into an orgasm, it gives her the best sensation. Most thrilling moment for a woman

Get rid of any and all marriage-related celibacy ideas.

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