The three ethnic region,problem of Nigeria.

In a country where some claim to be more superior than the others, there are bound to be problems. That aside, the generational enmity that has been brewing in the past is what is appalling to me. I went to a museum with a colleague who saw portraits of Sir Ahamdu Bello. What came out of her mouth was, “I don’t like this man.” I asked why, and she gave her reasons, which might be valid.

How long should they continue with this unnecessary rivalry, especially when it’s not moving the country forward?

One of the major languages knows politics so well that it feels that if it’s not them, power shouldn’t move to the next tribe or region.

Another tribe feels they are better educated than others, are smarter, and would do better in terms of politics, maybe because of their educational exposure or so. They see other tribes as foolish.

The last major tribe feels they are the ones holding up the economy of the nation (as claimed) even though they’ve been marginalized in terms of leadership, which I’m not in support of. Its democracy and leadership shouldn’t be restricted.

Now, with the whole agitation from these three major tribes, even though they all have supporters from various minority tribes, imagine if all the minorities began the same agitation as the three; I doubt if the country will still be in the same shape.And we keep shouting, “No, Nigeria is more Nigeria than the other.” This is only applicable when there’s a crime or a protest of common interests by the masses.

Inasmuch as they are part of the problem in Nigeria, they like to marry themselves. But one

I saw a post where a certain woman said she could poison her husband to death simply because he belongs to the tribe of those harassing her tribe in a particular state. It’s painful, but I hate to label her as the “failed Esther of this generation.” She’d have done what Esther did to liberate her people from destruction. How do you claim to love a man and still want to kill him? Simply because some miscreants, who should have been dealt with if Nigerian law was working, took the law into their hands,

And another funny thing is that the elite class of these three major tribes will attend functions together to increase their networks and net worth; sadly, the poor amongst them are having analysis paralysis.

Can we just have some peace and quiet from these three “major tribes”?

This whole madness has evoked unhealthy competition and envy amongst the three major tribes, which is extending.

I’m eagerly looking forward to the day that someone from Igala, Idoma, Igede, Ogori, Nupe, Jukun, and the like who is competent enough will rule this country as president.

from a concerned citizen of this beautiful nation, Nigeria.

photo Credit: BamayiDanladiArt

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