Oghenerhoro- the rapist!

I was on my way to Benin City to see a new lover. I missed my way to the park since I wasn’t familiar with the route. Finally, I got the description. I was about to cross the road when this Hilux pulled over in front of me.

This guy alighted and asked where I was going so early. It was none of his business, but I won’t be rude. I told him I was traveling to Benin.

He cracked some jokes with me, and I gave him my contact. He reached out to me until I got to my destination. I was back after a week, the second week, and I told him I was back.

We met and had some chitchat.

Just when you’d think he had sense, the worse happened.

He invited me to his house for the first time. He was a lover of dogs. I made it known to him that I wasn’t a dog person. Weak point one!

The second time, I went, and we were cool. It was time for me to go, and he began to act funny. He went out and released the dangerous, ugly dogs outside. One was in the leaving room. I couldn’t move. He wanted sex, and that wasn’t what I wanted. He began to say I was his girlfriend, and he wanted to marry me.

I asked him to do the right thing. We struggled; he was tired and left me. I didn’t know he was going to energize himself.

The door was hard to open. I was ready to damn the consequences, not minding the dogs. He caught me trying to escape, laughed, and carried me like a bag of cement back to his bed.

Finally, he had his way. It was a painful process for me. I cried. When he finished, his breathing was hard, like he went for marathon race. I was quite.

When he began to talk, he said as far as he was concerned, we were dating. I should think whatever it is I want to think about; nothing will happen. I was still mute.

Finally, he chained the dogs, and I left his house. I took my bike home and had my bath. Before then, I was calling my boyfriend; he wasn’t in the country then, but he could do something. He didn’t pick up, only for him to return my calls three weeks later.

Really? I ignored the calls. He dropped messages of apologies. That was his cup of tea. Oghenerhoro didn’t go skin to skin; there was protection.

He kept calling after the incident. I didn’t pick up his calls neither did return them, or respond to his messages.

I didn’t need to curse him. My silence did. I tried my best to wipe out all memories of him from my head. I’m not sure I’d know what he looks like except that I hear his voice. I hope he gets raped too.


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