NNPP, the brain child party for Mr. Idris Hussein- Akowe Fred Oma-Jummai.


In recent times many top political actors of Kogi origin have shown interest in running for the number one political position in the state (governor).

The ruling all progressives Congress APC has sold out its normination forms with various candidates from the three senatorial District showing interest in the governorship position. The deputy governor, chief of staff to the governor, the accountant general, the national deputy publicity secretary of the APC amongst others have all been screened for this position.

The people’s democratic party PDP whom is the main opposition party has in the same light sold out its forms and have conducted a successful screening exercise ahead of the party primaries coming up sometime this month.

Internal party politics they say can make or mare the chances of any political party during an election season. The ability to be sensitive enough to know where the mind of the people is will determine the success of a party when fielding candidates for various positions.

In this instance, the two most popular parties in Kogi state seem to be focusing Their search light for who the hope to become the next governor of Kogi state to certain senatorial District that may not be generally accepted by the people.

This action (if when they happen) will make it easy for a third force party to win the governorship election if the field a credible, responsible and people oriented candidate.

Mr Idris Hussein Stand taller in the league of political actors from Kogi state who are yet to show public interest in running for the Governorship seat.

This is a man with a track record of running multiple successful business around the country and beyond, employing hundreds of qualified kogite in his different business establishments, This is a man who’s zeal for empowering entrepreneurs in different fields of business has no bounds, his leadership and innovative ideas are second to none and can be evident in how he operates daily.

His believe in mentoring the younger generation and investing financially in their various businesses to see that they grow makes him a selfless person. This is the type of person that kogi state needs at this critical time, Kogi state needs people who have succeeded in building businesses and maintained same with visible growth and relevance even in the face of rising inflation that seems to be crumbling economies of different nations around the world.

No doubt, Mr Idris Hussein once said that he will throw his support behind any credible candidate from the eastern part of the state who emerges as winner of the primaries.

But for how long should we solely depend on this popular political parties to field a credible candidate? The present administration has done it’s best in terms of development within the resources available to them. Knowing that government is s continom, fresh ideas are needed to explore other areas of development through capital investment in infrastructure that will in turn generate more revenue for the state.

This is the area mr Idris Hussein is very good at, his wealth of experience in several sectors of the economy will change the tide of things to an even better Kogi state. So why not run for the seat ?

The NNPP being the brain child party in the block, is the most credible party with the resources and philosophy to produce the kind of force that will be strong enough to dislodge this other parties.

Their political ideology is people driven and is aimed at reducing the poverty level of the people through massive investment in education, agricultural reforms and infrastructural development.

With the likes of Mr Idris Hussein as a flag bearer (if when he agrees to run), Kogi state will have a breath of fresh air.

There will be a redirection into possibitlies, evident transformation and a change in how things are done. At this critical time of our existence as a people and state, we do not need to bargain our future with uncertainties, we need to be sure of the direction we are headed and be sure of the person piloting the affairs of the state.

If at all Mr Idris Hussein should be willing to answer the call to serve by his people, the NNPP should be one of the best political party to partner with.

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