APC propaganda labelled as “treason”

A few days ago, the alleged leak of an audio call between the founder of Living Faith Church, Bishop David O. Oyedepo, and the presidential candidate of the Labor Party, Peter Obi, caused a lot of stirs across the country.

On a different option, it’s clearly propaganda.

It is sad to say that those who see this as treason saw nothing wrong with the Muslim agenda of the ruling party, the All Progressive Congress. Where is the fairness?

No one questioned how Gumi was able to trace the hideouts of terrorists or even asked the DSS to go after him.

Yet, the Nigerian government will not hesitate to want to send DSS to arrest people who can add value to the country, defend the masses, or, better yet, speak the minds of the masses.

All of a sudden, there’s everything wrong with the alleged leaked audio between Peter Obi and Bishop David O. Oyedepo.

My stand on this is:
There’s nothing absolutely wrong with that.
Any aspirant should be allowed to canvass for votes in whichever way they feel comfortable with.

As citizens, clerics have every right to be part of Nigerian politics. (May I remind you that they have nothing to lose because they already have systems working for them)?

There is need for a spiritual cover (this will not sit well with some people).

Why tap Peter Obi’s calls?

Funny how people who actually aided treason end up accusing Peter Obi of one.
People who stole the mandate of the people dare accuse him of treason.
Pantami was accused of treason, yet he served as a minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. No DSS was sent to arrest him.

Every sane Nigerian will know that Peter Obi has never instigated any form of violence or chaos that will lead to the destruction of lives and properties; instead, he has been calling for calm amongst citizens, despite the fury going on.

Soon, seeking justice in court will be tagged as treason.

I hope the labor of our past heroes will not be in vain.
At least he didn’t give “shi shi” to buy votes.

Some members of the elite class have made inciting statements, yet they walk freely as if nothing has been done to them. They haven’t been charged with treason.

Bandits are still having “fun” kidnapping people, putting the lives of security personnel at risk in a bid to curtail their evil.

It’s a pity that our country is about to go down the drain if nothing is done to stop these old men who want to tear us apart.

inasmuch as no one is a saint. Whether the alleged leaked audio is true or not, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the audio.

Or should we go to court over the leaked audio?

It will still be called treason, as stated earlier.

We can do better. The good thing is that this generation of coconut heads is ready to face these grandparents, who should be resting, as they are ready to stand by Peter Obi.


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