Am i really wasted?


Most times, people don’t see your strength or potential when you’re going through the wilderness of life or battling with one bad habit or another.

Imagine being the black sheep of the family—not just that, you’re the focal point of everyone’s prayers.

Being the first son of my parents, it’s expected that I live a reasonable and responsible life. I didn’t live up to those expectations.

I laugh when people blame some parents for not taking care of their children or giving them proper home training. Sometimes, it’s not the fault of the parents. Children deliberately choose their own character or habit.

We have the willpower; the least our parents can do is pray and caution us. Some parents are innocent, please.

My ordeal began when I went out with this neighbor’s son, Moses. I was very young—not up to fifteen years of age. My parents looked for me when it was getting dark, but I was not where they found me. Information got to my parents that I was arrested.

You might be asking, “How?” Well, Moses and his dad were armed robbers—notorious ones at that.

Moses asked me to accompany him somewhere to get something. I innocently followed. Unknown to me, he went to rob the house. Now, Moses could manipulate his way into any building, no matter the structure. Some say he has a serpentine spirit.

We used the fence, and in no time, we were caught. The security altered the police, and they came for us. I was truly innocent. I told the police what happened, and they believed me. Moses and his dad has been a regular customer. The owner of the property saw me and asked me questions. He too said I was innocent; he knew my family name and said it was impossible for me to be a thief.

Finally, he met with my parents, and they exchanged pleasantries. Truly, he knew my dad somehow. It was embarrassing.

The Moses family was dangerous. My mom asked me questions, and I told her I was given something to eat by Moses’ dad. This was because Moses’ stepmother made some funny comments.

From that day on, I didn’t follow Moses to steal. I was not to be seen around him. We had to leave that environment because it wasn’t safe for us anymore.

We got to a new environment, changed schools, and from the first day, I had the bad guys as my friends.

I happen to be more favored than my sisters. People loved me at first sight and just wanted to make me happy. My elder sister attested to this fact. But I keep running away from such people (no, be Juju be that?).

Well, I began to smoke, and reports came to my parents. I was scolded and told of the health implications, but I gave deaf ears to all of it. Secondary school was over, and I could barely concentrate. I wasn’t serious about anything. Aside from the bad habit, nothing was appealing to me.

I began to steal from my dad’s pigeon hole. I’d buy stuff and show off. My dad kept complaining until he set a trap for me. He kept money in his pigeon hole, and I moved it again. It was fifty thousand naira.

He asked for it, and I denied it. He was going to hit me when I escaped. My sister told me he came with police to pick me up and discipline me. I didn’t sleep at home that night for fear of What would happen.

From smoking, I began to do drugs and alcohol. It was glaring that this thing wasn’t good for my body.

I became the definition of a common criminal. I was offending people around me. To shift people’s stuff wasn’t a problem for me. I hate to admit it, but it was the truth.

How I got myself into his mess, I can’t say. Will I be out of it? I’m hopefully.

But for all the years wasted, how do I make up for them?

I see my mates quit these bad habit and doing well for themselves. I had to lie to some about my qualifications.

While my sister was fighting those friends who came around me,I wish I listened to her. When things go south for me,she’d always come through.

Again, how do I make up for the years I’ve wasted, I didn’t go to school, I didn’t do myself or parents proud. To think that I’m the first son. It really breaks my heart. Most times, I don’t know if I’m dead or alive.

I accused my parents of not doing anything for me. Meanwhile, I’ve taken them to hell and back. I honestly wish I could turn back the hand of time but its too late.


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