Charles Awuzie is someone who sees life beyond politics,tribe and religion. He’s a realist who believes his space on social media is the deepest when it comes to enlightenment when it comes to different topics that covers the existence of man.

Here’s what he has to say about ancestral identify which has caused some stirs amongst his followers. Some saw the “light” in what he said,while some see everything wrong with it. But as usual,he’d always tell his followers to “calm down”.

Read below his views on TRUE ANCESTRAL IDENTIFY.

“…… towards finding your true ancestral identity:

There’s a song that says “Abraham’s blessings are mine..” I stopped singing that song the day someone asked me “why do you care about Abraham’s blessings but too conscious of your ancestral curses? You associate Abraham with blessings and associate your ancestors with curses”.

From that day, I stopped singing “Abraham’s blessings are mine” and started looking to find the blessings of my ancestors… I discovered some deep revelations about my ancestors. They were all owners of large lands and properties…. I even inherited many plots of land from my GREAT GRAND FATHER… that was how Blessed he was…he was so rich in land that my own son now has an inheritance in this ancestral property wealth…. The same applies to me… I love property and real estate…. I love to invest in property more than anything else. My biological father never wore designer shoes but he built 4 houses on our compound with his salary. So ancestrally, I discovered that we have an attraction to ownership of properties.

I now understand that my ancestors left me a blessing and not curses…. A certain church in Aba once brainwashed me that the land I inherited from my ancestors was cursed and must be sowed as a seed into the church… I did and my father collected the land back 😂. I think the old man knew something about ancestral blessing which I didn’t know.

Abraham’s Blessings Are Not yours honey… Stop deceiving yourself… Go find out what physical, genetic, intellectual or financial blessings that your ancestors left for you. You will be amazed at how much wealth you will discover in what you once labeled ancestral curses.

Be woke. Your ancestors are better humans than Abraham who sold his wife twice. Your ancestors fought for their wives. Everything about your ancestors are not evil and everything about Abraham is not righteous.

My name is Charles Awuzie and Awuzie’s blessings are mine.

This post is written to help you find your true ancestral identity – away from the identity your religion placed on you.”

Let’s hear your views about this.

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